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Fox Searchlight Announces December 27, 2013 Release Date For ‘Twelve Years A Slave’

Fox Searchlight Announces December 27, 2013 Release Date For 'Twelve Years A Slave'

And there ya have it folks! Hot off the presses, posted just a few minutes ago by Fox Searchlight, on Twitter. 

So, apparently, they will be the film’s distributor, something that wasn’t known before the above tweet. 

As I noted on my Cannes 2013 predictions listTwelve Years A Slave is an absolute no-brainer to premiere at the festival, as far I’m concerned. And despite Fox Searchlight’s announcement, nothing’s changed my position on that.

But we’re only a couple of weeks or so away before the festival reveals its lineup, so we’ll know with certainty very soon.

Steve McQueen‘s 3rd feature stars a rather impressive cast of actors, including Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Solomon Northup, the star of the film and whose story it tells), Michael FassbenderRuth Negga, Adepero OduyeAlfre WoodardLupita Nyong’oPaul DanoBenedict CumberbatchScoot McNairyGarret DillahuntBrad PittMichael K. Williams Paul GiamattiSarah Paulson and others. 

I expect it to be an awards season favorite, especially in key roles, both in front of and behind the camera, in what will probably signal the beginning of the end of what has been referred to as slave movie fever.

Interesting, and maybe even a deliberate choice to release the film on almost the same day that Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained opened in USA theaters last year – December 25, versus December 27 for McQueen’s film.

Let’s see how long we’ll have to wait for that first trailer.

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David Fiske

Agree with Kate. I saw this coming when I looked
up the Internet domain registration for
and saw that Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
had registered it in August 2011, when the initial
reports of the film came out.


Um could someone sneak me into Cannes so I can see it sooner.


I really disliked Django unchained, I enjoy tarintino's earlier movies but I dunno I guess after Pulp Fiction I got a bit tired of his schtick. But I guess it's not so much Django I didn't really like but the praise it got, from friends of mine who call it the best slave film and how it represents black people, to me I thought it was tarintino masturbating for three hours, this movie on the other hand I have the highest of hopes for, McQueen is one of my favorite directors and fassbender my favorite actor.


It was a no-brainer that Searchlight would release it. New Regency is one of the production partners and they have a distribution deal with Fox.

kid video

Im ready to camp out in front of the theater already…

*Jerry Mcguire voice*
"Who's coming wit me… "




What??? WHYYYY! I really want to see this film now, but I understand it's release date, it's an Oscar film. They better not release to trailer too far in advance or I'll die. I made the mistake of watching Django Unchained trailer in July, and almost lost my mind waiting until Christmas.

Justin W

Ughhhhhhh Man I can't wait that long for it hahahaha

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