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‘Girls’ Creator Lena Dunham Poses for Playboy and Answers 20 Questions

'Girls' Creator Lena Dunham Poses for Playboy and Answers 20 Questions

On newsstands Friday, readers will find media habituée and ‘Modern Woman in Control’ Lena Dunham posing and waxing dirty in Playboy’s 20 questions, which usually features men. Dunham’s HBO series “Girls” is week after week the subject of controversy and speculation (yet also the topic of shrewd think-pieces such as this one in the L.A. Review of Books). Given that Dunham is challenging how our culture depicts male and female
sexuality, Playboy is a great venue for continuing that dialogue.

The 26-year-old writer-producer-director-actress answers some probing questions from Playboy’s David Rensin about her series and its often cringe-inducing but honest portrayal of sexuality.

“My goal is to have a sexual verisimilitude that has heretofore not been seen on television,” she tells Playboy. “I felt that the depictions of sex I had seen on television weren’t totally fair to young women trying to wrap their brains around this stuff. I didn’t do it to be provocative. I did it to be educational.”

In “Girls,” Dunham is frequently seen completely nude, though this is not so in Playboy. Instead, she’s holding up an “I Posed Today” t-shirt.

“I don’t want to go through life wondering if people are talking to me because I have a big rack,” she says in the interview. “Not being the babest person in the world creates a nice barrier.”

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Joe L

She's not even the funniest woman on HBO, let alone the funniest woman in TV. Show is okay. bring on Julia and VEEP


Reading these comments would make think that every one in the USA is about 1.85 m (6'00") tall and bodies like Greek statues. I've been there and most of the people don't look anything like that.

Delores Dee

I would like this show more if it focused on the young women's inner psyches than on gratuitous sex. It feels very superficial and we don't need sex to keep our interest. I would blame Executive Producer Judd Apatow for this singular focus because that is very much akin to his own films. Judd, you're in your 40's but remain a horny teenager producer.

star jonestown

K. She's not a 'whore' just b/c she likes sex or depicts it or constantly has her naked body photographed by her own carefully-controlled productions…

She IS an attention-whore. I have never in my life seen someone of such middling talent but giant self-obsession grab so many magazine covers in such a short time. Lindsay Lohan will hopefully come up with some great post-treatment shtick, or maybe Britney could go crazy again?

Sick of Dunham's mug. Not its relative 'Prettyness'… Its fucking ubiquity. Tell her publicists it's OK. Loudest 15 minutes of fame Ever. yes, there may be more, but really. TINY FURNITURE was so fucking boring. Are people really so easily fooled as all this?


Seeing Lena naked is probably the very first time I have ever, in my 27 years life seen an average/ not traditionally beautiful woman naked on TV. It obviously shocked me. And to be completely honest, even though I love myself, my own ideal is truly to have a body like a supermodel, only with a bit more curves. Not to have that makes me unhappy since I was about 14. PRETTY scary


I think its refreshing to see average body types on TV but she takes her clothes off so often that its starting to border on exhibitionism. Nothing wrong with that but its jarring, as a viewer, to see that every week. well, used to see that every week. I stopped watching because the writing is just trying SO hard to be edgy and cool and different. she should try less hard.

Lautaro Bt

Boy she IS more overrated than overweight.

Roy Munson

She doesn't have a big rack — Who told her she did?


It's amazing [but not surprising] the amount of hate that gets directed at women like Lena who are unafraid to court controversy. If she were a man few would care. Our society has a long way to go yet….


It's becoming increasing clear that Dunham is a less interesting Von Trier – a narcissist whose success is driven by publicity stunts.


So she frequently appears naked on her show, but complained about Seth McFarlane singing about seeing boobs.. okayyyy…..


This males thinks she's WAY sexy in MANY ways! I don't get HBO. Can't wait to see it (edited, damnit) it syndication!


Ugh, why? Girls already alienates the male fanbase, because of how unpleasant she is to look at topless, why post for a Men's magazine?

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