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Have You Heard Of That Documentary About Black Tea Partiers?

Have You Heard Of That Documentary About Black Tea Partiers?

No joke. There is currently one in the works right now as you are reading this. It’s going to be called Black Tea, but I think it should be called The Descendants of Stephen.

So in case you missed it, there was something of a media storm yesterday, almost exclusively among conservatives, due to Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show Hardball, when he did a segment about the Tea Party and its relationship, or really lack of one, with black folks.

Of course, it’s hard to form any friendly relationship between black people and a group that is basically a KKK rally when everyone’s hoods are at the cleaners; But a guests on the segment, filmmaker Kevin Dotson, was on because he is currently making that documentary about black people who are Tea Partiers. Both of them…

Try as I might, I couldn’t find any more info about the doc, except that it’s being produced by Katy Jordan for MediaBoss Television, which is based in Framingham, MA.

Hopefully Mr Dotson will get in touch with us and tell us more about his film and when it’s scheduled to come out, because I’m sure your’e as curious about it as I am.

In the meantime here’s that Hardball segment I referred to:

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Black leftists are against Obama too! I don't agree with his warmongering, Africa policy, and his total caving in to Wall Street. It's a shame the focus on blacks against Obama is only of cartoonish TP members. There's more to it than that.



keith. a white man.

i am white and i LOVE hating minorities.


yall know that racism is ok long as its aginst white ppl. get overr it!

T-Bag McQueen

Pssh. Yeah right. We want to take away benefits for minorities because WE HATE THEM AND WANT TO KEEP THERM DOWN. The founding fathers owned slaves. We're just trying to follow in their footsteps ;D

T-bag McQueen

As a current Tea Party member in good standing I can confirm that yes we do indeed believe that whites are the superior race and all others should be subjugated to us. For all time. Amen.


era of using Blacks as window dressing for both major parties is over

the new minority to court/exploit is the Latino American

the Catholic Church sees that also….so you have a(white Italian) pope with ties to Argentina.

this doc. is about 2 years too late.


A funny thing happen on the way to the x-box games…


Another propaganda film piece to be used to evoke rejection (black democrats, liberals) or enslave (black republicans, conservatives). Used by both political parties to keep black people stuck on the fact neither party cares about them, and that these parties agendas at the end doesn't benefit us, the parties just benefit keeping us separated and stupid. That goes for all races truly. Just my opinion, which I know everyone has one.

C. Fox

KKK? That's a pretty fucked up, ignorant thing to say. Get your head out of your ass, bro.

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