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Help Fund ‘The Abandon’ (5 Black Men Learn They May Be The Last Humans On Earth)

Help Fund 'The Abandon' (5 Black Men Learn They May Be The Last Humans On Earth)

In December, we posted the pilot episode for awarding-winning playwright and screenwriter Keith Josef Adkins’ sci-fi series called The Abandon, and, as I recall, many of you really dug it! In fact, it was well-received across the blogosphere, wherever it was shared.

It’s embedded below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Keith is now trying to raise additional funds that will help cover the costs of production of more episodes of the series, and has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to assist.

You may recall Keith’s intro post over the summer, when he was trying to raise funds for the project… I thought I’d let him speak for himself about The Abandon, as well as his motivation for making it; here’s an excerpt:

Although shows like Battlestar Galactica and the short-lived The 4400 intrigue and entertain, the amount of black and brown representation [in sci-fi] are usually limited.

And no, side-kicks and color-blind casting are not sufficient
representation. I love sci-fi. I particularly like sci-fi that explores
alien invasions. Ridley Scott’s Alien is
one of my favorite films and I can watch it every day and never get
bored. In my opinion, the film has the perfect mix of a singular alien
encounter and the expendability of human life, all played out in that
final (and often claustrophobic) frontier of space.

I also love horror, not slash for the sake of slash, but horror as in
terror, as in stories where people are literally (and legitimately)
fighting for their lives. Neil Marshall’s 2005 horror film The Descent is
a perfect example of that. A group of women go on a caving expedition
and discover creatures from the unknown and must fight for their lives
and each other.

My idea was to shape a sci-fi/horror series that’s part Alien and part
The Descent, where a group of black men discover they may be the last
people of earth after an alien invasion.

The Abandon is my effort to see a group of smart black men handle an alien invasion. It’s that simple.

And months later, The Abandon debuted with the pilot episode in December.

So if you want to see more of the series, you should contribute to his IndieGoGo campaign, which has a goal of $5,000. If everyone who watched the pilot gave $1, he’d likely reach his goal, and possibly even more.

Head to IndieGoGo right now by clicking HERE, and make your contribution. He has just 15 days left in the campaign, and has raised $860 as of the time of this post.

Here’s the pilot episode again, if you missed it:

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I was really, really impressed by this. The writing is really solid, genuine, believable. Also I found myself with that feeling of the terrifying numinous you get in the first Alien film. I'm a student teacher and have no money, but for what it's worth I'd definitely watch this if it were on TV or Netflix.


Keith Josef Adkins did a great job developing the characters, the conflict and suspense in the span of 15 minutes. I loved it.
I'm looking forward to more.
Thanks for posting.


I really have to applaud Keith Josef Adkins for taking an idea grounded route, as opposed to a special effects centric approach to sci-fi. It doesn't always have to be big budget if you have a good imagination. The actors are likable but I wish one of the more likable characters had survived to the end. It's hard to root for the last two guys. The thing that would bring me back now is the cliffhanger with the dead friend coming back. Overall I enjoyed it, the only issue I have is that this group of attorneys really don't sound like any attorneys I've ever heard. Even the black attorneys I've met sound more T.J. Holmes, Tony Harris and Max Robinson. I look forward to seeing more of this series and Keith Josef Adkins future works. Please everyone donate.


good pilot. I will be supporting this week — that cliffhanger made me howl!!!

bohemian princess

I actually really liked this.


Borrowing a theme from Tambay's post on Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, I'd like to watch a Sci-fi type film without knowing beforehand that it's a pilot episode going the IndieGoGo campaign route. Because my reactions might actually be a bit different. Without question, I have *baggage* when it come to films with these parameters.

So, although I had seen parts of this offering before this posting ( I think?), I was ready for another ho-hum, Pookie and his boys got a camera and shot a short. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now folks know I don't throw my praise around like left over pennies, so I mean what I say… this was… well… short answer, good. Off the top, Sterling K. Brown was very convincing. In laymen's terms, the man can act. Now again, I don't say that about many actors, but there was no kink in his armor. In fact, I was so impressed with his acting that I googled his IMDb page. Well, he's paid his dues and other's believe in him, too. He, and I believe his wife, have had roles on Army Wives… he 103 episodes. She… 11.

I didn't think I would, or could, sit through a 15 minute clip, but it held me the entire time. It was suspenseful, intriguing and well-written. And that's saying something, because as I said, I don't really do the spooky sci-fi, sounds in the dark thang, but there was something about this clip that held my interest. That said, off the top of my held, I did enjoy a film titled The Skeleton Key with Joy Bryant in it. So I guess, without thinking too hard, I am open to the Drama / Horror | Mystery | Thriller thing, and this fit the bill. Oh, and I loved the different storylines, i.e., love gone wrong, internal strife among buddies, lawyers leaving the world behind, same sex unions, creepin' in the "backroom", the cell phone, the dead disappearing and coming back alive, the blue light, etc.

And, although it probably wasn't intended to draw laughs, one scene produced a big smile from me. The guys were debating whether or not to leave one of the brothas behind. With a determined look on his face, one screamed "WE CAN'T LEAVE JEFF!". Next we hear…

"GRRRRROOOOOWWWWLLL!!!"… a loud guttural, menacing sound off in the woods

Feet don't fail me now… they broke brush, leaving Jeff alone, and on the ground. :-)


Really brilliant, done well and it shows you don't to do that MUMBLE CORE shit to get it done!


Whoa! Why does the dude in the first couple of seconds look like he could be related to AL FREEMAN JR.?

Stacey Muhammad

I absolutely LOVE the pilot episode. Supporting, donating and hoping many of us will, in order to help him complete this series!

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