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Here Comes Oscar: David O. Russell’s Abscam Movie Hits This Christmas, Alessandro Nivola Joins Cast

Here Comes Oscar: David O. Russell's Abscam Movie Hits This Christmas, Alessandro Nivola Joins Cast

Hang on to that tux David O. Russell, and starting looking for another dress Jennifer Lawrence, because if things go according to plan, you’ll both be back at the Dolby Theater for the Oscars next February.

Sony has set a December 13th limited release date, followed by a Christmas Day wide expansion for O. Russell’s upcoming Abscam movie, formerly titled “American Bullshit.” And frankly, who can blame them? Just look at this cast: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Louis C.K. and Jennifer Lawrence (with Alessandro Nivola joining today). And the based-on-a-true-story tale sounds like a great big screen story. Penned by Eric Singer, the film will tell the true story of a famed financial con artist (Bale) and his mistress/partner in crime (Adams) who were forced to work with an out of control federal agent (Cooper) to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters and politicians. At the epicenter of the entire tale is the passionate and volatile leader of the New Jersey state assembly (Renner), who is also the local hero and mayor of impoverished Camden. Lawrence will play Bale’s wife, with Nivola as Reggio, a federal prosecutor.

The Christmas Day release date is a massive vote of confidence from Sony, who have no fear opening this movie against “47 Ronin,” “Jack Ryan” and “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.” As always, this early in the calendar, some of those releases may move up or get out of the way, but it looks like the studio are banking on Russell providing another box office hit and possible awards contender.

Production begins this month. [Deadline]

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I'm really looking forward to this one…the cast is amazing and it's a terrific (true life) story. Jennifer Lawrence's role, as Mel Weinberg's wife, Marie looks to be yet another great part for Lawrence, as is the role of Serena and so different, too. David O. Russell, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence could very well score another nomination (or two, if Lawrence is nominated for both Serena as well as the untitled Russell film) in 2014.


Wrong information – Chris Terio (Argo) is the writer. And Jennifer has a small part in the film, very unlikely she'll get a nomination. Her chances this year are with Serena.


The reason there were so many rewrites is because it turns out that Mel Weinberg (who's involved with this, as he was in a failed project in 1982) was not the likable conman being portrayed in the original script. His behavior had actually caused his 50-year old wife Marie(Lawrence) to commit suicide. The original script had an amicable break-up with Weinberg, with him even complimenting her in the last scene.


@Amanda David rewrote Jen's part for her. The script you've read (which is the one everyone has) is the old one. She could be up for a supporting role nomination. And she will be there if the movie and her co-stars are nominated.


Lawrence only has a couple of scenes so the only reason for her to get another dress is to present Best Actor.


I don't know why but I'm thinking this movie will be a movie much like Argo; not getting many acting nominations, they may squeeze a nomination or two but I can't see this hitting big like The Fighter and SLP when it comes to acting nominations.

Miss Amy Adams is an amazing actress and so is Miss Lawrence, Adams more so but I'm thinking she's gonna win the year she'll play Janis Joplin. Lawrence won't get a nomination for the tiny part she's playing, if she is nominated next year it will be for Serena but I highly doubt it when 2013 is an AMAZING year for actresses in film. Meryl, Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and many legendary actresses. I don't see it coming but either way Lawrence will pick up another dress, she'll present the Oscar for Leading Actor if they stick with the tradition.


Is Amy Adams lead? She sounds pretty borderline. Imagine, her 5th nomination before 40, and she still might not win…

der führer

I'm mostly interested in who Louis CK is going to play.. anyone?


if this movie went well,david would be nominated,but why JL too? I thought AA would have more scene than her and still be nominated as supporting actress…if JL's nominated it'd be serena. anyways,they're both overrated:/

oogle monster

More like AMY ADAMS find another dress- this is her year to win.

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