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Hold The Playbook: David O. Russell Might Not Direct ‘The Ends Of The Earth’ Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Hold The Playbook: David O. Russell Might Not Direct 'The Ends Of The Earth' Starring Jennifer Lawrence

So remember last month when it seemed like the David O. Russell/Jennifer Lawrence collaborative relationship was going to carry over from “Silver Linings Playbook” and the currently filming Abscam movie to a third project, “The Ends Of The Earth“? You might want to put it back in your pants for the moment.

THR reports that producer extraordinaire Harvey Weinstein “jumped the gun” with the announcement, which is a bit odd, since their press release included a “quote” from Russell about working with Lawrence. But for whatever reason, Russell still isn’t actually signed, though the director is “still seriously considering it” and “talks are ongoing.” The short version of this story? Dude is currently in the midst of filming a movie due for release this Christmas and probably isn’t thinking much further beyond that, so maybe Harv and co. just need to chill and give the guy a moment to breathe.

Anyway, the movie is certainly already stacked with potential, not only with Oscar-winner Lawrence attached, but also the Oscar-winning “Argo” writer Chris Terrio who penned the script. The based-on-a-true story film will find Lawrence playing Lydie Marland, the adopted daughter of oil tycoon Ernest Marland, who cared for the child when his desitute brother was unable. After his sibling passed away, the 54 year-old Ernest annulled the adoption and married the 28 year-old Lydie. She was a well-known socialite who also pushed her husband to raise worker wages and provide health care, and the film will center on the loss of his wealth and a scandalous affair. The pair stayed married as he embarked on a political career, but he passed away in 1941 and for the rest of her life, she mostly lived as a recluse.

So…maybe? Anyway, even if Russell doesn’t come aboard, the material and talent should land someone noteworthy so just hit pause on this one for now.

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it's the seoon yi / woody allen story meets downtown abbey meets madonna's w.e.: the ends of the earth!

this is one filmgoing demographic's worst nightmare and another's favorite movie of the year. and it sounds far outside of o. russ's wheelhouse.


So indiewire jumps on the misinformation and non-news bandwagon.
It's not official, but he's likely to direct. If not, they easily find someone else, given the nature of the project. NOT NEWS.


Hopefully David O. Russell will direct The Ends of The Earth as the collaboration between Russell and Jennifer Lawrence was great and hopefully it will continue.


THR both sucks and blows…I mean, this isn't really news, is it?…so, Russell might direct, he might not (which happens all the time anyway) but the talent and material are exceptional so the Winstein Co. will undoubtedly find a noteworthy director. End of story. I might add that this film has Oscar potential written all over it…I can't wait to see this film.

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