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Hot Or Not? ‘Arrow’ Stephen Amell Says He’s Had A Meeting About Starring In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

Hot Or Not? 'Arrow' Stephen Amell Says He's Had A Meeting About Starring In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Now that Emma Watson has shot down the recent rumors regarding her casting in Hollywood’s hot erotic movie of the moment, “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” it’s time for the mill to churn again, and this time a new face has popped up as a contender. And this time, it’s for the male lead.

Arrow” star Stephen Amell has revealed he’s been approached for the lead in the movie. “I get questions about Christian Grey all the time. That project is a long way off. I know this, because I had a meeting about it,” he explained in a recent video post to Facebook“A long way off. I mean, not that long, but not close. I wouldn’t call it long, but I wouldn’t call it close.”

So, ladies, is this the right dude to play Christian Grey, the 28-year-old billionaire who gets kinky with the submissive, virginal Anastasia? We will say this — for anyone looking for a major A-list star to do this, don’t hold your breath. This is the way casting will probably go, as younger stars, more able to take risks in a role like this will likely land the leads. Unless Jake Gyllenhaal really wants to shake things up or something.

Anyhow, watch Amell’s video and let us know your thoughts below. [via Digital Spy]

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Let's be honest about this: a big actor ou actress would never be parte of this. Forget Emma Watson, Henry Cavill, Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Armie Hammer, Elizabeth Olsen, Felicity Jones. They're all rising stars with a great future in acting ahead. They have a lot to lose. This movie should be starres by someone who has nothing to lose, like Stephen himself and Allison Williams.


If they're down to CW actors for casting ideas, I'd say this movie is more than just a "long way" off. I doubt it ever gets made.


someone remind me why this shit is getting made again?


He hardly resembles Christian Grey. I really do not find him nearly as attractive as Christian is supposed to be. I'm sure he isn't the only one they've met with, we just happen to know about it because he does video blogs for his fans. Henry Cavill is my CG. He looks like he just walked right out of the book, and has the right persona for the character.

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