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I Am Not My Own Most Compatible Critic on Rotten Tomatoes

I Am Not My Own Most Compatible Critic on Rotten Tomatoes

Movie review website Rotten Tomatoes has launched a new feature called Find Your Critic, where readers rate a bunch of movies and then, through the power of mathematical formulas, they’re matched up with a list of critics that are most compatible with their taste. At this point, I’ve had about dozen different people email me about this thing, so I figured I better try it out.

You need to log into your Facebook account on Rotten Tomatoes — so if you don’t have a Facebook account, or you don’t want Rotten Tomatoes checking out your extensive library of cats-as-Yoda cosplay pictures, you are out of luck — and you’ll also need to give Rotten Tomatoes access to your Facebook account, or hit “CANCEL” in a pop-up window and after each and every movie you rate. After you grade a bunch of movies on a five-star scale — mostly recent mega-blockbusters like “Iron Man” and the “Transformers” movies — you’ll get a list of critics with tastes similar to yours.

In my case, there’s a critic out there who’s more like me than me:

Yes Matt Singer is Matt Singer’s second best critic match, after Rich Heldenfels of the Akron Beacon Journal. Actually, the first time I rated movies my own name didn’t even crack my top ten most compatible critics. After shrugging off the existential despair that hit me after I realized that I’m somehow not even compatible with myself, I noticed the prompt at the top of the Find Your Critic page that said rating more movies will help refine your results. So I rated another batch and… I still didn’t appear on my own list of critics matches! Determined, I rated a third batch — and this time I showed up as #1. Hooray! Know thyself, suckas! 

Elated, I tried to refine further to get a really accurate list of matches for this post — but in this fourth attempt, I dropped to #2 behind Mr. Heldenfels. Too terrified to lose anymore ground to the Akron Beacon Journal, I decided to stop tampering in God’s domain.

Clearly, this is an inexact science. Still, I’d probably find the opposite results much more interesting: I know a lot of the critics who share my tastes, and read most of them already. But who do I totally disagree with (besides myself, apparently)? That’s who I want to read. Or how about taking the RT test with deliberately awful taste — like rating “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” five stars and “Toy Story 3” zero stars — and seeing which critic lines up best with that? That’d be interesting.

See if I am your second most compatible critic on Rotten Tomatoes

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Does this feature actually work for anyone? I tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and none of them actually allow me to click on the stars next to a movie when using this feature, after logging in with Facebook.


I dunno, seems like an easy equation:

Standard Art House Lauding + Slumming "Off-Kilter" Opinions + Supposed Love of Lowbrow – Investment and/or Passion – Genuine Understanding or Knowledge of Film

Of course, that could describe 90% of blogger-cum-film critics

Mike R

What this doesn't measure–and what I think is more important than whether your "likes" align with someone elses–is whether you appreciate these critics' analytical style. Some of my favorite critics to read are not necessarily people who I assume I will always agree with.

M Porras

If you rate Transformers and Toy Story as you suggested, you'd match with Armond White.

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