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‘Iron Man 3’ Soundtrack Features Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons, Rogue Wave & More

'Iron Man 3' Soundtrack Features Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons, Rogue Wave & More

While the Marvel mega merchandising and marketing machine has left no stone unturned, the soundtracks for their film have always been pretty random affairs. Last year’s collection of tunes for “The Avengers” was hilariously out of touch with lots of meathead music, while the AC/DC powered tuneage for “Iron Man 2” was particularly uninspired. But it seems that for “Iron Man 3,” the comic studio has hired some people who know a thing or two about what the kids want to hear and have pulled together a halfway respectable line up.

Featuring “music from and inspired by” the superhero sequel (meaning you probably won’t hear most of this in the actual movie), hipsters will approve of Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons and Rogue Wave making appearances. Dudes who still wanna rawk will get a tune from Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother, tweens will scream for 3OH!3 and those looking for some chill electronica can bliss out to Mr. Little Jeans. So all told, not bad.

Entitled “Heroes Fall,” the compilation will drop on April 30th with the movie arriving on May 3rd. Tracklist below.

“Iron Man 3” Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. “Ready Aim Fire” – Imagine Dragons
2. “Some Kind of Joke” – AWOLNATION
3. “Some Kind of Monster” – Neon Trees
4. “American Blood” – Passion Pit
5. “No Time” – Rogue Wave
6. “One Minute More” – Capital Cities
7. “Back To The Start” – Mr Little Jeans
8. “Keep Moving” – Andrew Stockdale (of Wolfmother)
9. “Redemption” – Redlight King
10. “Big Bad Wolves” – Walk The Moon
11. “BAD GUY” 3OH!3
12. “Let’s Go All The Way” – The Wondergirls featuring Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams

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american blood


The music in previous films (especially AC/DC) had been selected because they fitted the character of Tony Stark.
If you stand by the POV of what kids today want to hear please explain Blue by Eiffel 65?


Late comment, but I feel that the previous soundtracks fit the series much better. While I enjoy some of the music in it, it definitely does not meld with the tone of the movie in the way that it should.
Oh, well. They'll definitely turn a pretty penny with that lineup, that's for sure.


U are f*uckin idiots, I'm 15 and i think that the soundtrack for IM3 is a piece of shit. The sountrack for IM2 was awesome, the only thing wrong with IM3 was this crapy soundtrack, they should've put AC/DC in the movie insted of this shit.


Uninspired? AC/DC fit the thing perfectly. Really missed that rocking attitude in part 3. Sad, since that's what set Iron Man apart from the rest…


Complete and utter fail on the soundtrack. Disappointing. So Iron Man listens to Imagine Dragons, now? Greeeeaaat. This isn't Perks of Being a Wallflower. I kept waiting for him to get Thunderstruck, and it never happened. :/

Josh Slatter

Why no ACDC?

Ethan Leion

uhh… i am a HUGE fan of Ironman.. but the soundtrack..
not exactly what anyone would have expected.. lets put this straight. im kinda disapointed.. most songs i cant find on youtube yet, maybe new, but apart from 3OH!3,, none of the songs look at all desirable for both the movie and he Hardcore ironman fans to go gaga over.. yeah, ironman 3 DID kinda changed its tone to a darker storyline, but i really think the song choices are off. this is just my opinion. i wonder if anyone else agrees with me…


the kids dont wanna here this rubbish..lmao…as for iron man 2… ac/dc what was there 2 tunes in the movie…shoot to thrill at the begining and highway to hell at the end…..

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