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It Looks Like That ‘Twins’ Sequel w/ Eddie Murphy Attached Isn’t Quite Dead…

It Looks Like That 'Twins' Sequel w/ Eddie Murphy Attached Isn't Quite Dead...

We want to do Triplets, but we’ve got to get Universal off of its butt. We’ve got to get a script. [Arnie and I] had dinner with Eddie Murphy, and he likes the idea. It’s been going on for six or eight months now. We don’t want it to be fluff just because it’s Twins 2. We want it to be great.

Danny DeVito in an interview with

I was actually hoping this project was dead and buried for good – the proposed sequel to Twins, which will be titled Triplets, and will feature Eddie Murphy as the third brother. But apparently, it’s still alive, somewhat.

No script yet, according to DeVito, and they don’t want it to be “fluff;” they all want it to be great!

Is that comforting?

I barely recall the first film, and will need to watch it again. But the fact that I can’t remember much about it, likely means that it didn’t do much for me, and was forgettable.

Last we wrote about it, in the summer of 2012, Ivan Reitman was said to have shown interest in directing it, and Universal was excited about it, and a writer was being sought.

The original hit comedy that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito and
this sequel would reunite the two stars, with the twist being that
Eddie Murphy would act as a third brother, as the first two brothers discover that they have third

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Calvin A. Wright

To "Tambay A. Obenson": If you can't remember anything about the first twins, you clearly aren't a big arnold schwarzenegger fan and therefore barely have any pull with your opinion/shouldn't have been allowed to write poorly about one of arnold's most hilarious roles; the opening scene of him walking through nyc eating like 8 different varieties of foods alone is a scene that makes it amongst the most legit..him being the most clueless bafoon in the world in it is seriously hilarious and twins 1 is something you did indeed miss out on as you must've not paid attention due to whatever reason not worth mentioning. Twins 1 is of the top 5 arn-dawg flicks and Twins 3 is going to be the best movie of 2013 as Eddie Murphy is the other most legit actor in the world other than our beloved Arn-Dawg!

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