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Jasika Nicole (‘Fringe’) Heading To ‘Scandal’ For ‘Very Surprising’ Secret Role

Jasika Nicole ('Fringe') Heading To 'Scandal' For 'Very Surprising' Secret Role

Jasika Nicole (Fringe) has booked a guest-starring role on ABC’s hit drama Scandal, said showrunner Shonda Rhimes last night on Twitter.

“We have Jasika Nicole (Fringe‘s Astrid) guest starring on ep 219 of @ScandalABC. Which makes me go totally fan-girl with excitement!”

She didn’t give any further details on what role exactly Jasika will play, but did add that it’ll be “very surprising.” Episode 219 suggests season 2, episode 19.

Tonight’s episode of Scandal will be another repeat (sorry fans! what ever will you do?). The show returns with all-new episodes to wrap up the season, next week, March 21.

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Oooh, I hope the role is meaty and juicy, because "Scandal" usually only brings meaty and juicy. Her role on "Fringe" was often passive, so I would love to see her stretch her acting chops on "Scandal".



I just so happen to have a sneak peek at episode 219. To get the full flavor, I'll start with the set-up.

Mellie (the president's wife) is supposedly out of town promoting one of her pet projects. We see an interior shot of a door leading to the President's private chamber. It's noted that this area is only accessible to the president and his family. As the door opens we hear the voices of Fritz and Olivia Pope. But who is the person walking up the stairs?

When the mysterious person reaches the top of the stairwell, we get our first look at a stunned president and his mistress, tightly embraced in each others arms.

Shocked president: "What are you doing here!?"

Melinda (Jasika Nicole): "I'll ask the questions. So this is how you've been spending your free time"

Olivia Pope: "NO-NO, I still love you… this…this…this just happened"

Stunned Fritz: "WHAT?! You too… she's your lover too"?

Olivia: "NO Melinda, tell me it's not true. Tell me you haven't been sleeping with me AND my man?!"

**The door opens again. In walks the president's wife **

Mellie Grant: "Well well well, why wasn't I invited to the party, but I do have a key"

Olivia: "Mellie, let me explain"

Mellie "Shut up bitch, you don't have to explain a damn thing to me"

Fritz: "But baby!"

Mellie: "but baby my ass. Did you think I didn't know about ALL the things you do in the dark? In fact…"

**Mellie gives Melinda an admiring look. They give each other a tender kiss on the lips, hold hands, turn and walk away**

They stop, Melinda looks over her shoulder and says: "You didn't think you were the only ones who loved sweet brown sugar, on the side, did you?"

Fritz and Olivia in unison… shock waves running through their voice: "NOOOOOOOO!!!" [Fade to Black]



Love her! She needs a pilot stat.

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