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Justin Timberlake Reportedly Might Be Daddy Warbucks In Quvenzhané Wallis’ ‘Annie’ Remake

Justin Timberlake Reportedly Might Be Daddy Warbucks In Quvenzhané Wallis' 'Annie' Remake

Justin Timberlake is reportedly a top candidate to play Daddy Warbucks in the upcoming remake of Annie, according to the New York Post.

The long-in-development remake of the Broadway musical, which will star Quvenzhané Wallis, is produced by Will Smith and his Overbrook Entertainment partners, Jada Pinkett Smith, and James Lassiter, while Jay-Z (also a producer) will score the film.

Coincidentally or not, Jay-Z is going on tour with Justin Timberlake this

Now I’m not an expert on the Annie story, but isn’t Daddy Warbucks supposed to be an older gentleman? Someone in his 50s, who also happens to be filthy rich, and is usually bald? Timberlake certainly has the “filthy rich” part down, and I guess he could always shave his head for the role, but he’s definitely nowhere near 50 years old, nor does he look like he could be.

Of course, the film’s producers might be taking some creative liberties with the story, and aren’t married to the source material. So the casting of Timberlake could be one of those creative choices.

We’ll find out eventually if he is cast in the film.

In past film adaptations of Annie, Warbucks has been played by the likes of Albert Finney and Victor Garber, who both were in their late 40s/early 50s when they played the role, and also shaved their heads for it.

Sony Pictures has set an official release date for Annie, for December 25, 2014.

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OMG. look at the source guys, it's Page Six. Sony denied it. JT's new album is out today, he has to do a stadium tour, arena tour, international tour, promote a movie called Runner Runner in September with Ben Affleck and a movie called Inside Llewyn Davis, oh, a SECOND album in November, 20/20 Vol.2 which he still has to record. There's no way this is true. Please, don't spread fake rumours.


How is he getting soo many roles as of late?


Timberlake sucks as an actor


If this happens, I SWEATER GAWD!!!!


Personally, I wish they went older. Liam Neeson would be great (he doesn't need to shave his head). I really like the character he played in A-Team. He brought some of the playfulness in that movie. He is so talented and I really think he could be perfect teacher for her acting wise.


So when the film flops, he won't take any responsibility and put all the blame on Ms. Quvenzhane Wallis, ehh?

Yes, I'm still pissed at him for punking out on Janet.


Oh god, please don't let this be true.
Why can't will do it himself? He would be far better and much more authentic

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