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Major ‘Man Of Steel’ Rumor/Spoiler Looks Like It Might Be True

Major 'Man Of Steel' Rumor/Spoiler Looks Like It Might Be True

We shouldn’t have to tell you, but fair warning and don’t cry if you keep on reading past this: there will be major spoilers below. If you don’t want “Man Of Steel” ruined for the love of God stop reading right here.

With that preamble out of the way, it just a day or so ago that writer David S. Goyer was deflecting questions about whether or not a female version of Jimmy Olsen or baddie Lex Luthor would be appearing in the Christopher Nolan produced, Zack Snyder directed “Man Of Steel.” He would neither confirm nor deny, so of course, that just set the geeks to dig harder, and over at AICN, it seems they’ve put together the puzzle pieces that indeed seem to reveal that Lex Luthor will have some kind of appearance in the Superman movie.

After reaching out through official channels and being greeted by the expected silence, the site went to their camp of various sources and were given the name Mackenzie Gray as the man playing the bald headed baddie. Dedicated fans might already know he played Dr. Alistair Kreig on “Smallville,” and in season ten, a Lex Luthor clone. So maybe a bit of misinformation or crossed wires? Perhaps, but then they dug up this video of Gray himself confirming he’s in the movie, though he had to stay completely silent on his role. (Starts at the one minute mark).

And this won’t be any mere cameo. Luthor will reportedly be “ambitious, ego driven and cold” with the AICN source saying the role is “substantial.” Hmm… The pieces seem to fit, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time Camp Nolan has played very coy and silent regarding a major villain (see Miranda Tate in “The Dark Knight Rises” — though, that intel was ferreted out pretty early on).

Too good to be true? The real deal? We’ll find out when “Man Of Steel” kneels before fanboys on June 14th.

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Laura Talbot

Your Comment I am tired of reboots.I have seen the Superman origin several times already.Enough is enough.I was looking forward to another S. film with Brandon Routh he exuded and personified Clark/Superman.Very charming.

nihal bhat

bullshit. luthor is not in the movie at all. they have to cast a known actor. i would suggest denzel


I think Mackenzie actually did a great job at portraying an older, "wiser", and slightly more insane Lex Luthor in the form of the Luthor clone. He felt very much like the older and completely pure evil Lex of the comics.

However I wonder if camp Nolan/Snyder will cast an actor who is a bit more well-known like Daniel Day Lewis, or even an actor who is up-and-coming and doing very well so far in his career, the way Ledger was when he was cast as The Joker. Just some thoughts…

mo c

I concur with Alan B. As much as I loved smallville…that Mackenzie dude sucked and the thought of him playing Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel actually makes me a little sick. I cant believe this will happen. It doesnt make sense.

Good Movies Bad Movies

Machenzie Gray's friend who is pictured, confirms he has 'a big role':


I don't buy this for a minute, but at least Mackenzie Gray an actor few people know of gets some attention.


This asshole is playing Luthor in silhouette only a la Moriarty in Sherlock 1 and whatever the hell that was supposed to be after the credits of Amazing Spider-man. Placeholder for Bradley Cooper.


Lex Luthor might be a villain in a Superman film? I'm stunned…


Why people believe AICN and similar shite sites like LatinoReview?! They were big 7 or 8 years ago but now when you want scoops you have to visit Deadline or THR and those fanboy websites have to write 'A+' reviews for movies like G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Vish Gos

Nolan/Snyder will never allow actors doing previous incarnations of the character (especially in something like a TV Series) to be repeated in their films.

Days back at Screen Rant, a guy whose brother's working on the Man of Steel sets for WB released several spoilers along with the news that Snyder's toiling hard to roll out his 3rd trailer next month in a fitting manner. The spoilers speak of not only Lex Luthor, but big baddies like Brainiac, supposedly Metallo and the coveted Kryptonite, all ready to make their presence in Man of Steel.

1) Luthor: Lex Luthor will only be mentioned and is likely to be the primary antagonist for Man of Steel 2 and his corporation LexCorp will be in fully operational in the movie.
2) Metallo: Metallo's name won't be mentioned but a USAF Pilot will be subjected to cybernetic experiments (possibly with Kryptonite) under the initiative of LexCorp in Man of Steel. This will pave the way for Metallo's birth in the sequel, possibly making him Luthor's key offense against Superman in Man of Steel 2.
3) Brainiac: Brainiac will be mentioned in Man of Steel, somewhere between Krypton's flashbacks. Brainiac's character will develop in the subsequent sequels as a background character before he's likely to be the primary antagonist in Man of Steel 3.
4) Kryptonite: Kryptonite is present in Man of Steel and will mostly arrive on Earth in the form of from the explosion that shattered Krypton and brought Superman's spacecraft to Earth.

Expect the following villain roster:
Man of Steel: General Zod + Faora + Tor-An
Man of Steel 2: Lex Luthor + Metallo
Man of Steel 3: Brainiac + ???


Idiots wait till the move comes out before u bitch.


Who cares, DC is just chasing Marvel at this point. There Nolan worship will prove not worth it


Henry Cavill is going to be a disaster. I mean, just look at the guy. :(((((((

Alan B

So, the filmmakers would cast an Oscar winner as Superman's father, an Oscar winner as Superman's surrogate father, an Oscar nominee as his surrogate mother, an Oscar nominee as his girlfriend, an Oscar nominee as his boss, an Oscar nominee as the villain … and a guy from 'Smallville' as Superman's GREATEST ENEMY?


Yeah yeah who cares. We need more footage of Mike Shannon.

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