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‘Monster House’ Helmer Gil Kenan To Direct ‘Poltergeist’ Remake

'Monster House' Helmer Gil Kenan To Direct 'Poltergeist' Remake

So this whole “Poltergeist” remake has been brewing for a while now, and last we heard things were potentially promising as it looked like Sam Raimi was kicking the tires on the project as something he might direct. Well, he’s still producing, but the man they’ve selected for the job to take on one of the most iconic horror movies of all time? Gil Kenan.

Who? Well, he helmed the animated “Monster House” and his last credit is the 2008 family movie that no one remembers, “City Of Ember“. So we’re not quite sure what Raimi sees in the guy. Then again, Fede Alvarez was seemingly plucked from obscurity to helm the “Evil Dead” remake and it’s shaping up to be one of the most talked about horror movies of the year, so maybe he knows what he’s doing. Plus, David Lindsay-Abaire (“Rabbit Hole,” “Oz The Great And Powerful“) wrote the script, so we’d reckon it will be a fairly decent attempt at Tobe Hooper‘s movie about a television that happens to be a portal to other worlds and stuff.

Will this be the R-rated, blood soaked version of “Poltergeist,” or as Kenan’s credits suggest, something you can take the tweens to? Time will soon tell. [Deadline]

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I had hoped this project died. Why? Why, for the love of cinema? Why can't they just launch a new franchise to drag on forever, into ill repute? Is the name "Poltergeist" really going to buy you much these days? Leave the classic alone… Why do I suspect the story will be completely different anyway?


You're not sure what Raimi sees in Kenan? Um…did you SEE Monster House? It's terrific. Easily one of the most cinematically sophisticated animated films in recent years. Kenan's got chops.

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