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New Photos Of Shia LaBeouf, Brit Marling, Robert Redford & More In ‘The Company You Keep’

New Photos Of Shia LaBeouf, Brit Marling, Robert Redford & More In 'The Company You Keep'

Five years after Robert Redford’s disappointing anti-war drama “Lions for Lambs” the 76-year-old actor, director and Sundance mogul is back in similar territory. He directs and stars in the forthcoming “The Company You Keep” which tells the story of Jim Grant, a public interest lawyer and single father living in Albany, New York. Shia LaBeouf’s brash reporter exposes Grant as a fugitive, wanted for a murder he allegedly committed in his days as an anti-war radical. Grant is forced to go on the run and find the person who might be able to clear his name. (Read our review here)

Redford pulled together a stellar cast for his 9th directorial effort, and ahead of the release even more glossy photos of the lovely ensemble (and Nick Nolte) have arrived. They include a scruffy Shia LaBeouf (is there another kind?) being chewed out and by a finger-jabbing Stanley Tucci, an unbowed Susan Sarandon, rising star Brit Marling and an array of serious facial expressions from old hands like Richard Jenkins, Sam Elliot and Brandan Gleeson. “The Company You Keep” hits cinemas on April 5th.

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it's kinda low that you guys talk Shia LaBeouf in a gossip-site tone… He maybe a jerk that looks like a homeless man on other gossip sites, but here on this site he's an actor.

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