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Project of the Day: Rocker George Lynch Goes on a Mission

Project of the Day: Rocker George Lynch Goes on a Mission

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Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky
Tweetable Logline:
George Lynch Raising Funds For Sustainability/Native American Community Awareness Documentary Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky
Elevator Pitch:

Shadowtrain will illuminate the cost of the
destruction of the Native American community; to both the indigenous
population as well as to their European conquerors. The documentary will
reveal the qualities inherent in indigenous
people’s world views that should be recognized and adopted if we all,
collectively, intend to not only survive, but to find a way to live
happier, more meaningful lives. While engaging a wide variety of
opinions from notable activists, authors, artists, elders and shaman,
politicians and government officials, clergy, teachers and everyday
people, the film will reveal its message through a powerful music-driven
road trip.

Production Team:
George Lynch (Associate Producer/Co-director)
Vincent Nicastro (Director)
Mark McLaughlin (Producer)
Gabe Rosales (Bass)
Donnie Dickman (Keyboards)
Vocalist and Artist, Gregg Analla
About the Production:
Rock legend George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Emmy-nominated
filmmaker Mark Mclaughlin are working together on “Shadowtrain: Under a
Crooked Sky,” a stirring documentary that explores a hybrid way of life
merging modern society with the ancient practices of people who have
lived in harmony with the land for thousands of years; native American Indians.

The film follows Lynch and Vincent Nicastro as they visit reservations
around the American Southwest with a trailer full of gear and group of
musicians to get a firsthand look at effects of consumerism on our
native population and the steps they’re taking towards sustainability.

Current Status:

In production
For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
IndieGoGo Page

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Amazing…I am so happy this film is being made…George is the best!


George has been my hero for decades. I am a passionate supporter (German/Irish/English American) of Native American's people, culture with family members and connections with Native American's.

I wish this film and its message all the best, I really wish it had been been more public, as I am late to knowing about it and want to contribute.

On a side note, George Lynch is without a doubt the greatest guitarist, his solo's blow away anything I have ever heard from the 60's till current, amazing tone, makes the guitar speak, one word is incredible, he is, I hope someday to meet. Thanks George.

John Scott

What an incredible person you are George Lynch. I've been a huge fan of Dokken since the early 1980's (and of everything you've done solo), but never really bothered to stop and think about my rock idols as the people that they are. I can remember arguing about who was the best guitarist back in high school and I always championed – you guessed it – GEORGE LYNCH! Now I can see the praises I used to sing about you in those debates extend way past anything you've ever accomplished on a guitar. You are a shining example of how human beings should act and think. That you are who you are in the music world makes it that much more impressive. Is it true your ancestry is the Spokane tribe? My wife and I are of Cherokee ancestry but we are all connected as indigenous people. Again, I want to say MANY KUDOS TO YOU my brother. You are an amazing and gifted person. May the spirits smile down upon you and may Shadowtrain win!

Chad Bedwell

Absolutely people, George Lynch has hit the Nail on the Head hard wanting to follow his Passion about Native indians which of course he has alot of Indian Blood (Spokane) to be exact. Who not better to tell this Story/Movie and Def. be a Huge part of it… I'm all in, I want to see Shadow Train "Under a Crooked Sky".. To Hell with the rest of the others ShadowTrain all the way!

Muller Grugnardi ABY

Shadowtrain a damn good movie moment, thank you Mr G. Lynch

Craig Newman

Congrats George!!


I look forward to seeing the end result from such talented and passionate individuals.


Now…this is the right time on the planet for this film.


Would love to see ShadowTrain made! Native Americans are not even on the sensitivity radar in our country. The ignorance about what they have been left with socially and economically is criminal.


It's time is now….



Stephen Gomes

Authentic films like this that come from the heart must be made.

Raymond jt malijen

I want to see this film made for the people


I have seen some of the film. It's awesome! George is serious about this subject. Everyone should watch!




Looks awesome.


Good people. Could be a great story.


this is a film that should be made!

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