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Project of the Day: ‘Twenty Five’ is a Comedic Web Series about Twentysomethings in NYC

Project of the Day: 'Twenty Five' is a Comedic Web Series about Twentysomethings in NYC

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Twenty Five”

Tweetable Logline:

Beryl’s an actress. Jimmy’s a writer. Taylor’s new in town. For
these three BFFs, trying to make it in NYC is a lot more FML than FTW.

Elevator Pitch:

TWENTY FIVE is a comedic web series about three high school best
friends who are reunited in NYC two years out of college. Each aims to
find a sense of belonging in New York amid fears that they aren’t living
up to their potential. Beryl’s been embroiled in a tumultuous
relationship and may be reaching her breaking point. Jimmy’s been on a
slew of OKCupid dates and hasn’t been able to find a guy he can connect
with. Now Taylor has joined them in NYC — she’s wide-eyed and full of
hope, but that may not last for very long…


Production Team:

Josh Duboff (writer/creator)
Oliver Jevremov (director)
Krystal Bowden (producer)
Preeti Nath (producer)
Bethany Heinrich (consulting producer)
Tiffany Pham (consulting producer)

About the Production:

“As a twentysomething living in New York City, I’ve noticed many of
my friends (as well as myself) have found themselves stuck in a state
of perpetual in-between-ness. Dreams of brownstones, stability, and
success lay hazily in the future, while the day-to-day struggle to work
and create can feel overwhelming. This web series is about friendship
and love — coffee-filled days and wine-filled nights — in this time of
uncertainty and excitement, these years when you feel like you should
be finding yourself but all you really feel is lost.” — Josh Duboff.

Current Status:

In production

For more information and to support this project:

Kickstarter Page

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Go 25!!


I vote for Twenty Five!

April D


Christie Moore

25 is my choice!

Chris Doktor

25 all the way!

A Przymusinski

I vote for Twenty Five. Oh yeah.

Audra Z.

I vote 25!

Emily M.

I vote 25!

Robert Wallace

I vote 25

Jackie Randolph

I vote 25


Go For It!

Bob orcutt


Bob orcutt


Bob orcutt


M Morvillo

I vote 25!

Pablo L.

Vote for 25!


I vote Twenty-Five!

p mitchell

i vote for twenty five

Jon M

I vote for 25!

Amy Russell

I vote for Twenty Five!!

Ben Mitchell

You have my vote!!

Michele M

I vote for 25

Sandy Brent



They have my vote!


My vote goes to Twenty Five!

Janey Dyck

Good luck
We vote for twenty-five

Nick Uhas

get it!!!!! voted!!!


vote for 25


i vote for Twenty-five


I vote for TWENTY FIVE (aka twenny fizzle)


I vote for "Twenty Five!"


I vote for "Twenty Five!"


"Twenty Five" has my vote!


I vote for 25!!


"Twenty Five" has my vote

Vicki Weiss

I vote for 25!

Beth O'Donnell

I vote for "Twenty Five."

Betty Rigberg

I vote for "Twenty-five".

Stacey Wooden

I vote for "Twenty Five."


I vote for "Twenty Five".

Rati Choksi

I vote for "Twenty Five"

Arun Dalal

I vote for "Twenty Five".

Kelly Bills

I vote for "Twenty Five".

Dena Coney

I vote for "Twenty Five"

Judy Duboff

I vote for "Twenty Five"

Sara London

Voting for Twenty Five!

Carole Kupferman

I vote for Twenty five!!

Judy Peck

Please put my vote in for Twenty Five. Definitely a timely topic in this age.

Conrad Kupferman

Interesting take


Twenty Five looks fresh, funny and relevant!

Ryya Bread

I want to vote for Twenty Five

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