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Second Trailer For ‘After Earth’ Shows More Footage, Reveals Sophie Okonedo

Second Trailer For 'After Earth' Shows More Footage, Reveals Sophie Okonedo

And I’m still not convinced!

I’m sorry folks, but this looks like it’s made for the Sci-Fi channel, not for a wide theatrical release.

The CG-created world and creatures all look like first or second drafts; I’m not buying Will Smith’s fatherly scowl; and I’m not quite sure what to make of Jaden Smith in all this.

One bright spot was seeing Sophie Okonedo for the first time. She hasn’t appeared in any previous marketing materials. Although she’s in this new trailer for a couple of seconds or so.

No sign yet of Zoe Kravitz, who plays sister to Jaden, and daughter to Will and Sophie. 

And lastly, I think it’s hilarious that nowhere in the trailer is it prominently stated that M. Night Shyamalan is the director, which I’d say is unprecedented for an M. Night Shyamalan-directed film. In trailers for previous M. Night films, his name always got its own individual card.

Needless to say, his reputation has taken a bit of a hit, since his last 3 or 4 films have been duds. His one-trick road show isn’t fooling anyone anymore. But I have to wonder how this must feel for him; specifically, the decision (likely made by the studio and/or Will Smith) that his name wouldn’t appear in the trailer for After Earth. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation.

Granted, this isn’t an M. Night Shyamalan joint proper; he’s pretty much working as a director-for-hire here, with Will & Jaden as the names that’ll carry the movie. Not Shyamalan.

But still, it’s not like he’s some no-name, up-and-coming director.

Anyway, After Earth opens June 7th, this summer. 

Here’s trailer #2:

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Hmm…you love Pariah but have reservations about Night? Ooookay, let me hold my breath so I don't inhale the hater fumes.

This film looks intense, the cinematography is beautiful, and it will make a killing for Smith & Co. Kinda reminds me of Hanna, in a sci-fi setting.


I like it. And yes, @AC Jaden is a natural.


Interesting accents


It looks like Jaden is out-acting his father.


I'm going to watch it! Big fan of Okonedo. Usually enjoy Will Smith. Strategic release date. It will definitely benefit from the Fathers Day crowd. Will Smith used to market his summer releases as Big Willy Weekend, but lately he seems more interested in pushing his son forward.


The writing on the wall says this it tall… and Tambay did not say it wouldn't draw a crowd. He merely said he wasn't impressed… and why should he be?

I mean, anyone who has been following this site knows Mr. Obenson is not easily impressed. His groove zone is great cinematography, great acting and a good story. This film offers none of that. This story is a rehashed "I Robot" minus the dog.

Jaden Smith as Will's adorable son in The Pursuit of Happyness and his role in the campy Karate Kid were palatable morsels of delight, but come on. This new warrior on the cusp of manhood thing… is really stretching it. I know it's every father's dream that their son becomes the quarter back of a prestigious football power-house or a ladies man, but wishful thinking will never make Jaden Smith appear as a mountain climbing, man-eating-monster evading tough guy.

Now although I am not — by any stretch of imagination — a CGI kind of guy, I have to agree with Tambay. My first sense tells me this is a "lessor than" product.

Oh… and that writing on the wall behind M. Night Shyamalan's name–> "Mel Gibson has been here".. "Bruce Willis has been here"… "and now the big boy Will Smith is here". Bruce and Mel, big stars to say the least, they have joined hands with Shyamalan and sang the sweet tune of the O-Jay's hit, MONEY-MONEY-MONEY… for the love of money! So I'm thinking Big Willie has the juice and a few nickles in his pocket to play the jukebox one mo again.


This looks great! Why are your reviews often so negative? Can you give OUR films a chance before slandering and saying you're not convinced? It's not like Will Smith hasn't ALWAYS been consistent with putting out great material. And yes, this will be a box office hit!

Justin W

Your comments on M. Night. reminded me when I watched The Expendables at the movies and the trailer for Devil came on. When his name showed up on screen as the producer I think, people started laughing right in the middle of it. It's kinda sad that this guy went from being one of the top up-and-coming directors to a joke now.


Looks very very gooood!

Geneva Girl

Sophie Okonedo's accent is perfectly natural, but what was up with Jaden's and Will's? They were off putting.

BTW, Okonedo was just in five-part miniseries on BBC, Mayday. She was quite good and not afraid to look bad. Check it out if it comes on BBC America.


Tambay not sure what trailer you saw but this looks very good.

Ray Ray

Tambay…. chill……. It's not that bad looking geeeeez….. On another note… I don't think they quite hit it right with the casting, these 2 don't look enough alike to me.. *sarcastic evil grin*


Are those….British accents? Interesting….


STILL not convinced, Tambay? Damn, you're such a cynic. This has "monster hit" written all over it. Add M. Night Shyamalan's skill set to the already successful quality-seal-of-approval that is the Smith Family Entertainment Dynasty, and this movie's going have the ladies chasing Jaden Smith down the street like the Beatles wearing Justin Beiber wigs. Let me assure you I will be the FIRST in line the day this movie comes out to buy the bootleg. Holla if you wanna hang on to it a few days, all good.


I can't say that I wholeheartedly agree with you. But that's only becuase I'm on the fence about this. My introduction to the teaser and full trailers were impressive to say the least. We've seen our fair share of realistic sci-fi projects (futuristic science fiction projects) and I think now is the time where the audience wants to see something in the vein of Star Wars. I mean, it does look entertaining. But then again, Oblivion (Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman) looks a whole lot more believable (and bankable). But this doesn't even look like a M. Night film to say the least. He's more mythical fantasy than sci-fi. If that makes sense.


Looks great. Will be a Boxoffice hit.

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