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Short Film ‘Brotherly Love’ Made By S & A Reader, Picked Up For Distribution

Short Film 'Brotherly Love' Made By S & A Reader, Picked Up For Distribution

We have been tracking the progress of the dramatic and powerful short film Brotherly Love, which was written and directed by filmmaker Choice Skinner, who is also a regular reader and commenter on S & A (We always like to endorse anything our devoted readers do film-wise).

Now, from Choice comes word that his film has been picked up for distribution on cable, all digital platforms and VOD worldwide by Shorts International.

Shorts International is the first HD channel totally dedicated to short films, and is available in the U.S. (through DirecTV and AT&T U-verse for a combined total of 7 million homes nationwide), Asia, France, and Turkey

And as for Choice himself, his next plans are a trip to the Cannes Film Festival this May, and will soon begin work on a feature length horror film.

Here, once again, is the trailer

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Choice Skinner

Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the congratulations and love. Much needed support in times when things can be so rough. God bless you all and continued success in everyone's endeavors!!!

Anna E. Lawrence

I am a film student @ AIU Atlanta Campus
I worked the Urban Film festival in Atlanta Oct 2012 . I had the opportunity to view this excellent film.

This film is phenomenal and was one out of many that left a lasting impression with me Great Job …. Choice

Shelley Thunder

Looks great! Congrats on nabbing distribution and best of luck with your other projects. Hoping to shoot my first professional short this spring/summer. Inspired, psyched … ready to go! :-)


Congratulations Choice! Great short film.


Sergio, you should also be aware that today Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer announced that Choice is the winner of her short film contest for another project that he wrote and directed.



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