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So That’s The Problem – We Just All Missed the Joke

So That's The Problem - We Just All Missed the Joke

Oscar producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan just keep on sticking their feet in their mouth.  As they collected an award for Smash at the GLAAD awards on Saturday night in NYC, they spoke out in defense of their Oscar host Seth MacFarlane.

I just want to note that they were accepting an award for a show that had fired the female creator who was the only female executive producer on that show, but hey, who cares about that?

When asked about the public response to Seth MacFarlane they actually said that people (like me and so many other women and men like Jamie Lee Curtis and Geena Davis ) who had the negative reaction to the now infamous “boob song” just didn’t get it because it was satire.  Satire.  Right.  So basically what they meant was that feminists have no sense of humor.   Typical.

Here’s their quote in defense of the show:

People have complained for years and years that the Oscars were becoming irrelevant. And I think what we did this year is to really make them part of the cultural conversation, and I think that’s the important part that people will take away.

So to be a part of the cultural conversation means you need to demean women?  No, I think the important take away is that you both produced a show that was rife with misogyny.  You might think that is ok, but there are many others who don’t.  

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McFarlane brought an increase of young male viewers to the Academy Awards. That is the only demo advertisers and Hollywood care about. Expect more of the same. They don't give a rats ass what women in Hollywood or women consumers think. Women have no power in Hollywood. And only women who are willing to strip for the camera get work. That is why I prefer to go to local productions which present a female centric story and view that Hollywood just can't match.

Jan Lisa Huttner

Today is Philip Roth's 80th birthday, so my FF2 Media WHM film-of-the-day is ELEGY directed by Isabel Coixet. Indeed Penelope Cruz does expose herself in ELEGY & it's just about the most heartbreaking scene I've ever seen on film. So shame on Seth Meyer and to Neil Meron & Craig Zadan for continuing to promote the idea that the only thing a guy's guy wants is to "see boobs," & let the context be damned. Fey!


With all of the hand-wringing over this silly song, is it any wonder why women today are less-and-less willing to identity themselves as feminists? "Feminist" has become a synonym for "Killjoy" and it's the fault of women like Melissa. The feminist movement really needs an image makeover. Badly.

Stephanie Rosenfeld

well, Judd Apatosaurus (iPad self correction, but i like it!) , Farelly Bros, Hangover creators, et al have been trying to tell us for years, now, that "adolescent male gross-out humor" equals "the cultural conversation," which I think was also a justification McFarlane tried to put out there, but… I'm not buying it. I think it's just easy, lowest common denominator hateful spewage, trying to masquerade as something more widely relevant or meaningful. Yeah, there is wider meaning: Men in our culture (as a whole, not individually, relax individual males) don't respect women, nor do they have to in Hollywood, because there are no sanctions, but that's not the "conversation" the producers of the Oscars would say they're representing.


The BOOB song was atrocious! It was declaring loudly, men have rights to mock our character if they have "seen" our boobs. Some kind of a planting a flag of conquest in the male gaze.
Seth is so popular and his Family Guy on TV is so sexist, all cruel, its way beyond satire. But he is a man's humorist.
I am working on a female driven animation. Political satire, subversive humor but never cruel.
I would love to hear from women animation artists,or agents for this kind of art, i think women need more then an agent, we need advocates. We have to break down the all male cultural preference.

Loren E. Chadima

Thank you Melissa for addressing the Boob song. I thought it was soooooooo inappropriate and absolutely appalling, but more inappropriate and appalling is the lack of people – WOMEN and men – who didn't seem to find it inappropriate or appalling!!!!


Yeah, I just got clobbered for my lack of sense of humor at the Huffington Post posts on that brilliant announcement. If MacFarlane wanted to criticize Hollywood for his treatment of women I am sure there is a better way than singing "the boob song". It's like declaring yourself an environmentalist and sing "the global warming is a lie" song.

Deborah A.

Their ignorance must be their bliss. They are the joke.

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