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The Terence Howard/Oprah Winfrey ‘Little’ Love Scene In ‘The Butler’ That Became An Epic Scene

The Terence Howard/Oprah Winfrey 'Little' Love Scene In 'The Butler' That Became An Epic Scene

In case you haven’t heard, Oprah Winfrey and Terrence Howard have a love scene in Lee Daniels’ upcoming drama, The Butler.

Oprah even posted a picture of she and Terrence while shooting that scene, which we shared on this site last October when it happened (the photo is above), which generated a few comments here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Skip ahead to last week when, while doing press for a film he’s currently starring in, Dead Man Down, Howard was asked about that love scene with Oprah, and he said something about appreciating Oprah’s “tig ol’ bitties” (his exact words, not mine) and the fact that she is a “lovely, voluptuous woman.”

We didn’t post that interview on the site, but I did share it on Facebook and Twitter, and it was met with several disapproving comments, blasting Terrence for talking about Oprah that way. In fact, it became a bit of a controversy. 

This morning, a clip from an upcoming Steve Harvey interview with Oprah on his show, was uploaded to YouTube, in which they discuss the love scene between Oprah and Terrence in The Butler, as well as address Terrence’s comments about Oprah’s boobs.

In the clip, Oprah says that the love scene was initially supposed to be: “a little scene… and because Terrence Howard misbehaved, it turned into a bigger scene… and then it turned into an even bigger scene…

She goes on to say how much of a “misbehaving kind of boy” Terrence Howard is – probably because, as Howard himself stated in the “tig ol’ bitties‘ interview, he was so mesmerized by Oprah’s voluptuousness, and just couldn’t help himself, and the “little sex scene,” became a bigger, and still bigger sex scene.

I imagine this is a topic that will come up again, closer to the film’s release date this fall.

Oprah also says she wasn’t offended by Terrence’s words, because, well, as she states… you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

So, yes there’s apparently an *epic* love scene in the film between
Terrence Howard and Oprah! You probably didn’t see that coming did you?
Although, while this is a Lee Daniels-directed project (a filmmaker who
isn’t at all hesitant to be risque with his material), The Butler is expected to be a PG or PG13 movie (unless that’s changed closer to release date), so don’t expect some Monster’s Ball-style romp (Daniels produced that film) between the two actors, or for Oprah to pee on Terrence like Nicole Kidman does to Zac Efron in The Paperboy, which Daniels produced and directed.

The Butler has a loaded cast that also includes: Forest Whitaker, David Oyelowo, John CusackAlan Rickman, Jane Fonda, Melissa Leo,Liev SchreiberJesse WilliamsMariah CareyYaya DaCosta, and many more.

Music for the film will be composed by the legendary Quincy Jones.

The Weinstein Company acquired USA distribution rights to the film, for an October 18, 2013 release.

The film is scripted to cover several decades in the life of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served many presidents.

For our thoughts on the film’s script, and casting, read Vanessa’s script review HERE, and Natasha’s casting close-up of the film HERE.

Here’s Oprah with Steve Harvey:

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Add your voice to the conversation…keep yo mouth tightly wrappec and stop behaving like a boy.


Every time I see this still with Oprah overdoing it, I just laugh!


This has me interested in Oprah's billion dollar boobs. Now I want to see this film for the love scene alone. lol


The video confirmed what I was already thinking. Some people were offended, but Oprah was a little bit flattered by Terrence's comments.


Now I HAVE to see 'The Butler'.


I remember like two months ago when Harry Lennix said when they approched him for a role in this film and gave a tremendous rant on the substance of this film and how it degrades and perpetuates black people. I totally agree with what Mr. Lennix has to say about this film coming from a director like Lee Daniels that puts his films based on lust and things of the sexual grativifying and perverting nature. If we as Afro-Americans after seeing such films as Monster's Ball and Precious are going to sit and watch a film of this nature that gets into the subconcious minds of a people then we are doomed for disaster. This should be a reawakening on all forms of black filmmaking and how it is portrayed on screen when it deals with this kind of subject that deals with lust.


What I'm more surprised by is that Oprah is on the Steve Harvey show. Lol!


Oh, is THAT why Terrance told Sway he couldn't talk about his lady (Oprah). LOL


Oprah does not pay Terrence any mind. He showed his crazy when he stated that if a woman have baby wipes in her bathroom, she is unclean. That and his "racist" white wives.


I would have appreciated a pee scene–Terrence is the worst. Oprah's far cooler about his unprofessional ways than I would have expected, but I guess she realizes that the controversy might help put butts in seats.

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