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Tyler Perry Explains Why His Name Is In All His Movie Titles…

Tyler Perry Explains Why His Name Is In All His Movie Titles...

One question we’ve wondered here on S&A is why all the titles of Tyler Perry’s films have his name in them, as in Tyler Perry’s Temptation (which just opened), Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, and even a film he didn’t write nor direct – Tina Gordon Chism’s We The Peeples will be released as Tyler Perry Presents Peeples.

We’ve always assumed that it’s a branding thing, which I can understand. But as Tambay asked in a post a couple of weeks ago:
I wonder if he’ll ever drop the “Tyler Perry’s” that begins almost all of his titles. It might actually work in his favor. I’d like to watch a Tyler Perry film without knowing beforehand that it’s a Tyler Perry film, because my reactions might actually be a bit different. I think there’s a certain amount of *baggage* that’s automatically assumed, when some of us see his name in front of the title of any film, and we might be taking that *baggage* with us into the theater.
While it doesn’t look like he’ll be dropping his name from the titles of his movies, Perry did state why his name precedes the titles of his films when he was on Jimmy Fallon’s show a couple of days ago, plugging Temptation.
Fallon asked him about it, and this is what Perry had to say, which is pretty much what we figured all along.

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Funny how they reference the film "featuring" Kim Kardashian and not even mention the better skilled and worthy-of-a-mention lead actress Jurnee Smollett … Talk about #BrandingForTheMasses! Ahem TV Replay … Wonder how much Kim is actually featured in this Tyler Perry presented film.


Same reason why every 007 gilm has Ian Fleming at the fore. Brand recognition and the need to express ownership of his projects. I never understood why this question even needed to be asked given that other known directors and filmakers do the same. I've always felt that this was only an issue due to race than the actual body of work associated.


Saves money on the marketing budget also

I also think that TP anticipated that studios would release tyl-sploitation films with similar themes and even the same actors…so he lets viewers know FOR sure whether they are supporting his projects Or not.


I think it's purely a branding/marketing tactic. The man has now garnered such a fan base that will go and see his movies – whether they are good or bad – simply because his name is attached to it. My sister is a religious type and loves all his movies and plays. She will watch anything he puts out. I have seen a couple of his garbage films with her, and she'll still say its the greatest thing she's ever seen.

And then there is another segment of people who aren't necessarily film junkies like most of the people who read this site, and follow when certain films come out. There are still a lot of people – especially senior citizens – who don't go to the theater to see a specific movie, but rather any film that happens to be the next film showing in the theater. A lot of those people might simply pick Tyler Perry movies if its the next film showing in the theater. If there happen to be multiple films starting at the same time, they might simply pick the Tyler Perry movie over others because of his name recognition and figure its worth seeing it because of the buzz from his previous movies. You have to recognize that there are so many film options these days and not everyone puts that much thought into what they see. My 70-year-old mother and her friends are like that. They don't follow what the hot movies are; they just want to know if they can get the matinee or senior citizen discount on tickets.

So it's possibly a smart move for him.

Adam Scott Thompson

When I see someone's name in front of a title (save John Carpenter), I already know that's a movie I can skip.


I don't think that's the true reason he continues to do this. Everyone knows who he is. He's worth around half a billion dollars now, so he apparently believes that his name puts butts in seats, i.e. the Peeples name change. Carry on….


It's simple. His name sells tickets. Temptation past expectation yesterday and made 9.4 million and looking at 23-24 million weekend. His name brings people to the theater.

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