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Vh-1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Sinks To An All Time Ratings Low

Vh-1's 'Love & Hip Hop' Sinks To An All Time Ratings Low

In this week’s regular S & A  feature known as Totally Unessential News, those of you who hate Vh-1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop will rejoice while others will simply shrug.

The news being that the show’s ratings have dropped like a rock this season, and it’s currently pulling in its lowest ratings ever in the history of the program.

Previously, the show was easily pulling in close to 3 million viewers regularly, but the viewership has now literally dropped in half, with the March 18th show pulling in only 1.51 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

Some say the reason for the show’s sinking fortunes, is due to the fact that it’s been eclipsed by the popularity of its spin-off show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which features a more interesting group of people, who will stoop to even newer lows to attract viewers.

Others say that the show’s sinking ratings are due to the audience’s boredom with the whole reality show genre altogether.

While others say: “You mean it’s still on the air?

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I wasn't following too much, but was extremely turned off by that under the sea looking dude (Consequence, I guess that's his name) talking about "light skin/white skin is the right skin" BS that keeps black folks bickering with one another….., but that's just me.

Adam Scott Thompson

Yeah… "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta" is the "Law & Order: SVU" of this franchise. lol

Miles Ellison

The ratings are low because there is probably a lack of weave snatching, drink throwing, and no-underwear-short-skirt wrestling matches.


Ny version is Not the ATL version. When Live and Hip Hop ATL comes back latter this year then ratings will be at an all time high.


The NY version of the show just doesn't entertain like the ATL version, sadly. And given that this season has Joe Budden, I was SURE there would be lots of entertainment but… no. I'm completely not interested


Love and Hiccups…

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