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Warner Bros. Agrees To ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie For 2014 If Fans Can Raise $2 Million In 30 Days

Warner Bros. Agrees To 'Veronica Mars' Movie For 2014 If Fans Can Raise $2 Million In 30 Days

Ever since being taken off the air in 2006, fans of “Veronica Mars” have been clamoring, calling and pleading for its return. A couple of years backWarner Bros. even went so far as to set up an email address to handle the requests they were getting, and now it looks like the one shot that devotees of the program has been asking for is here.

Today, producer/creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for the “Veronica Mars” movie. The goal? $2 million dollars in 30 days in order to make this happen, so its time to put up or shut up guys. The $2 million will be to finance the movie, with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution agreeing to front costs for marketing, promotion, and distribution. If this all comes together, production would get underway this summer, and the movie would get a limited theatrical run in early 2014, before heading to VOD, iTunes and other digital outlets.

This is pretty game-changing news, not just for fans of “Veronica Mars” (who are undoubtedly thrilled) but any niche/cult properties studios may still want to exploit, but not quite have the financial reasoning to do so. Warner Bros. has long maintained that while the show has a following, it wasn’t enough for them to greenlight the kind of budget and campaign a regular movie would need. But this indie minded approach is a bit of a workaround, though one wonders about the ethics of taking money from fans to finance something that will make money for WB for years to come.

But maybe for those who are fans of the show, just getting the movie made is enough. Either way, it’s all in your hands now. Watch the promo for the campaign below. [via EW]

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It'll be an interesting experiment, that's for sure. Makes you wonder if this sort of thing ("only $5000 and you can be an extra in the movie!") will shortly become par for the course.

I also wonder if having so many fans effectively pre-purchase DVDs will have a noticeable effect on sales.


The Kickstarter campaign has exceeded $2 million with 30 days to go. This proves that there is enough latent demand for a Veronica Mars film. They could probably have set the target to $20 million or more and it would have reached the target. In light of this, I wonder if WB might reassess its plans and go for a wider release or something.

Other than WB owning the rights to the property, I don't see what it brings to the table. I long for the day when directors like PTA will raise money for their films on Kickstarter and bypass the studios altogether.

Edward Davis

Wow, how magnanimous of WB!


Oh, F*ck off WB. I love this show and would pay to see it opening day but unless I get a return or producing credit for f*cking FINANCING the movie there is no way I'll pay money for something THEY will make money on. This is unethical and they should be ashamed. Reach into your own damn pockets and don't exploit a loyal fanbase.

Not to mention they have no problem dropping a sh*tload on failures (Green Lantern) but can't even spend 2million on this. Shame on them.

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