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Watch: 20-Minute Reel Of Deleted Scenes From ‘The Master’

Watch: 20-Minute Reel Of Deleted Scenes From 'The Master'

As you probably know by now, we’ve been following every twist and turn of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master” from its initial development, collapse at Universal and resurrection into the film that was released last year.  And just as much has been written about what was left out of the movie as what was left in. As we noted in From Script To Screen: Your Guide To All The Deleted/Missing Scenes In “The Master,” there were lots of alterations and changes from the page to what happened on the set. But now, you can see for yourself the material that was left behind.

The 20-minute reel of deleted scenes that Anderson screened last fall at Film Independent at LACMA and included among the extras of the recent release of “The Master” on home video have snuck their way online. At least for the moment. Presented in an edited and scored montage, it’s a fascinating dip into the avenues and roads not taken in the narrative. Open up the aforementioned From Script To Screen feature to get more context on the scenes below and give it a watch.

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already taken down grrr

but why?

hey, why didn't you say this clip was NSFW? i was just watching this during my lunch break and my boss walked over just at the 4:50 mark :(. now how do i explain my way outta that?


They definitely did cut out some of the best cinematography. These scenes would have helped round out the film more I believe.


They cut out some of the best cinematography man.


that should be nominated for an oscar for best short



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