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Watch 4 New Clips From Russ Parr’s ‘The Undershepherd’ (Premieres 3/30)

Watch 4 New Clips From Russ Parr's 'The Undershepherd' (Premieres 3/30)

As previously announced, Russ Parr‘s contentious drama The Undershepherd, will make its broadcast TV premiere on TV One on Saturday, March 30th at 8pm/ET, and will screen again on Sunday, March 31, at 5:30pm/ET.

This will be the very first time most of you will get a chance to see it, since it screened at only 4 or 5 film festivals last year through this year, and it never received a theatrical release (I’ll be posting my interview with Russ in the next day or two, in which he discusses his struggles in getting the film in theaters). 

In the meantime, TV One has released more clips from the film, which are embedded below, for you to get a glimpse at what to expect.

The film’s synopsis reads:

When the head preacher of his church plans his retirement, mild-mannered LC (Isaiah Washington) is seduced by his access to the power and money earned through his ministry, and slowly transforms into a ruthless business man.

Lead by a captivating performance by Isaiah Washington, the film is more of a character study of the man he plays, and is unlike the expected comedy that Russ may be more known for (although it certainly has some comedic elements in it.

Joining Isaiah Washington in the ensemble cast are Lamman RuckerLouis Gossett Jr., Bill CobbsKeith DavidMalinda WilliamsVanessa Bell CallowayRobinne LeeClifton PowellElise Neal, and others.

Here are the 4 clips:

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L Hardy

I find it interesting that someone would have so much to say even without viewing the whole movie. I saw the whole movie and I thought it was interesting, actually it was pretty good. It exposed things we've all discussed privately, but I guess the issue for most is airing it publicly. I won't even discuss the performance of the actors because it was just that acting. Quite frankly I can't even see Mr Rucker as a preacher cuz My Word ……woooooooo. Okay I'm back, but even with the church scenes in Tyler Perry's movies they are very good but I still recognize it as acting. It was a good movie Russ Parr. I really enjoyed 35 and Ticking as well. You should be very proud of yourself.


It can't be the actors? Lamman Rucker and Isiah Washington have proven their worth, so it's gotta be The Black Church, right? I've sat in hundreds of black churches (will be there tomorrow) so I know it's not their fault, so who's left?

[Russ Parr raises his hand] " ah, CareyCarey, that be me, I wrote this travesty"

Thank you Russ, now I won't feel like I'm talking behind your back. But look Russ, from what I've seen you shouldn't harbor all the blame. Certainly most of the fault is yours, but not all because although Isiah is a great actor, he's not a preacher. I mean, I know this is acting, but there's a saying in the black church… "What leaves the heart will find another" and Mr. Washington just didn't have it. Don't get me wrong, I am not referring to his display of anger, thirst for power or his vengeful attitude, I'm speaking specifically to the nuances of his speaking/preaching style. In essence, if one doesn't "own" it they can't give it away… and Mr Washington gave me an "act".

In respect to the in-house conflicts, that's a given, it does happen (I've had "arguments" right in the pastor's chambers) but again, most of the action in the santuary gave the appearance of being staged. From the congregation to the fellow pastors in the pulpit, they all were, to put it mildly, a wee bit "unnatural"/ contrived.

In reference to the script, all I can do is shake my head. I mean, granted, I haven't seen the whole film, so my opinion is base solely on theses clips (and previous ones), but I am wondering what Russ was trying to accomplish, or say?

In past interviews I believe he said this wasn't intended as an indictment against the black church. He also said he conferred with a few black pastors. Hmmmm, I wonder what they talk about, or who he talked to? I mean, was this suppose to be a portrait of the corruption of power and money? If so, why did he use The Black Church to send that message? Certainly there's other avenues — such as the movie business — to spread that word.

In short, they say if you're going to write a book you should write about something YOU KNOW. So as that relates to movies, Mr Russ Parr, from what I've seen, it appears you're walking down the wrong street. But maybe, one day I'll view the entire film, and then it's possible I might have a change of heart, ya think?


Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Disgusting! what a waste of 2 plus hrs!!!

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