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Watch: 44 Minutes Of Woody Allen Stuttering & Stammering

Watch: 44 Minutes Of Woody Allen Stuttering & Stammering

Among the many things that Woody Allen will leave behind with his cinematic legacy, one of them will be, if not creating, then certainly popularizing the neurotic, Jewish, sophisticated, New Yorker that has inspired more than one generation of comic actors. Across a series of films literally spanning decades, Allen’s characters grappled with existential woes, romantic conundrums and comic situations that often left the writer/director/actor sputtering on screen, flabbergasted at various turns of events. And now, it has been celebrated in one of the most curious supercuts ever assembled.

One rather determined person has put together a 44 minute video of every Allen stutter and stammer across his run of films. It’s pretty remarkable, though we dare anyone to make it all the way through. What prompted this project we’ll never know, but hey, that’s what the internet was invented for right? W-w-w-w-watch below. [via FilmDrunk]

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who ever made this has a lot of time to waste


Someone re-edit Zero Dark Thirty so they're playing this as a terrorist torture technique


I didn't make it past the 2nd clip


Watched way too much of this.

Lee Hill

To paraphrase Andy Warhol, in the future everyone with a vemo account will think they can be more famous than the truly famous…alas, not all of us have fifteen minutes, let alone 40 plus, for this kind of nonsense.

tristan eldritch

Unless this is somehow likely to make huge bucks, I feel really sorry for the person who put this together. Jesus, even I have better things to to with my time.


I, uh …

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