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Watch: A Demon Warns of Bad Things to Come in Early Scene From ‘Evil Dead’ Remake

Watch: A Demon Warns of Bad Things to Come in Early Scene From 'Evil Dead' Remake

Fede Alvarez’s studio remake of Sam Raimi’s horror cult-classic “Evil Dead” has gotten mixed of reviews with most veering on the positive side. While the 1981 original is famed for its innovative blend of slapstick and suspense, Alvarez’s “Evil Dead,” which premiered at the opening night of SXSW, drops the fun and ups the gore. Indiewire’s own Eric Kohn called the film “a watered down scare-fest” in his review out of SXSW.

This clip, from early on in the film, shows main character Mia (Jane Levy) possessed and twitching as she drags a shotgun slowly into the room. Wind bursts through the cabin door as she emits a shrill scream to only then tell her friends, in the usual emotionless, robotic demon voice, “You’re all going to die tonight.” The cliche and overtly serious clip feels wrong in light of the consciously campy nature of the original, yet with Raimi on board as co-producer perhaps a straight horror remake was what they were going for.

“Evil Dead” will be released by Sony on April 5. Watch the scene below.

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