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Watch Animated Short Film ‘CutOff, The Movie’ (Short Shouts!)

Watch Animated Short Film 'CutOff, The Movie' (Short Shouts!)

I’m hoping to start each morning with a short film (as I did yesterday), so we’ll see how this goes. At least, maybe it’ll encourage more filmmakers to put their shorts online (after they’ve toured the film festival circuit, and whatever else the filmmakers have planned for them), and send to us so we can share the best of the bunch here on S&A.
This one comes from French animators Simon Chansard, Lucas Dworianyn, Hollie Gach, Duc Duy Nguyen and Victor Pillet. It was their graduation film while at ESMA Toulouse – an arts school in Toulouse, France.
Dropped off at his grandmother’s, a young boy who lives with every possible comfort is to be denied it all through an adventurous discovery of her world.
It’s titled CutOff.
Watch the 6-minute short below:

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Adorable! I want to see more.


Haha! Love it! Visually pleasing. I really like this!!


Cray fish, gators, a swamp…was this set in Creoleland Louisiana?

That was darn good. One of the best animations/anim story lines I've ever seen.


What a delightful film


I LOVED IT!!! Could have been a little longer and the suspense and action a bit more fleshed out but wonderful anyway.


Even our animation take themselves way too seriously. This could've been shot live action and would've been the same result for probably the same budget or less. More often than not, the point of animation is to experiment with effects that would be too expensive or almost impossible to achieve in live action.

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