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Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Villain Takes Center Stage In New Trailer For ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ Plus A New Poster

Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch's Villain Takes Center Stage In New Trailer For 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' Plus A New Poster

Update: The clever so-and-sos at TrekMovie noticed a URL hidden in a frame from the trailer that led to the film’s new poster, a fairly generic piece of work that makes the film look like a sci-fi sequel to “Jack The Giant Slayer.” Amusingly, the URL could be found in the background of the not-at-all gratuitous shot of Alice Eve in her underwear at the 1:36 mark. Oh, J.J., you rogue…

We’re barely even three months into 2013, and already it feels like we’re getting into the summer blockbuster season, even if it remains resolutely chilly outside. “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” hits next week, “Oblivion” rolls out internationally in about three weeks, and “Iron Man 3” follows a week or so after that. That means we’re starting to get the final trailers for some of these big movies, and after the longer “Iron Man 3” clip from a few weeks back, a new international trailer’s arrived at an ungodly hour over at Apple for J.J. Abrams‘ “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

Lifting the veil of secrecy that’s been hanging over the picture a little, the cilp places a little more emphasis on the plot than before, laying out that Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain John Harrison is a top Starfleet agent who now has a vendetta against Starfleet because of some unspecified atrocity in their past, and is wreaking vengeance with a series of terrorist attacks around the world. This causes Chris Pine‘s Kirk to get vengeful himself, taking the rest of his crew along to track Harrison.

It all looks suitably action-packed and impressive (bar some slightly ropey green screen work), as you might expect, and it continues to suggest that it’s the darker, “Empire Strikes Back“/”Wrath Of Khan“-type part two that we’ve all assumed it would end up being. But we’re not quite feeling this to the extent that we were feeling the previous trailers. Maybe it’s just because we had to get up at 6am to post this, but the clip’s got a sort of disjointed rhythm to it, and it seems to us that Cumberbatch (who we adore as an actor, it should be said) is delivering every one of his lines in a similar monotone intonation.

Hopefully it’s just the impression given by this particular clip, because we liked Abrams’ first Trek film, and most of what we’ve seen of this, and have our fingers crossed that it turns out to be one of the better blockbusters of the summer. The film opens in many international territories on May 9th, before following on in the U.S. on May 16th. Watch the trailer below, or head to Apple to see it in HD.

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woah kirk, spock and urethra are GIANTS! they can just step on cumberbatch!


Movies are directors' vehicles, not actors'. Cumberbatch's job for the movie was to fulfill Abrams' requirements. Surely Cumberbatch is responsible for his performance under Abrams' guideline, but what happened in the editing room and the film overall are out of any actor's control. IMO, the trailer is good; I finally decide to get in the theatre to watch it after seeing this trailer; the previous trailers seem a bit coy for my likes.


I think the trailer editing is awful including the audio. The voice over overlaps are a mess which I think is whats making Cumberbatch's delivery seem odd. I hope thats the case because I'm a big fan and love all his work. I hope he hasnt misjudged how slow to deliver the character's lines because if he's like this throughout its going to annoy me. It sucks the tension out of the moments and seems too theatrical (like Bane!!). I thought I'd be worrying about everything else to do with the film and not his delivery!!


Oh, Oliver, I feel your pain for starting working before 6 am. I agree with AIX's comment, and actually I find there's something subtly intriguing in his line delivery, like there's some kind of playful madness simmering. Well, maybe I have too much coffee whiling watching the trailer? Anyway, do feel the editing slightly disjointed though.


All this secrecy for another generic "Bad guy got screwed over, that's why he's so bad" story?
Totally agree on the Cumberbatch thing (love him too!) he seems off here.


I actually think that they altered his voice for the trailers. I mean, the tempo is a bit off. Like they slo-moed it a bit.

Alan B

Oh, so THAT is why Alice Eve was hired.

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