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Watch: Disney’s New Mickey Mouse Short ‘Croissant de Triomphe’ With A Cameo From Cinderella

Watch: Disney’s New Mickey Mouse Short ‘Croissant de Triomphe’ With A Cameo From Cinderella

Hey, here’s an idea Disney hasn’t really tried in a while — trotting out a character from their archives for something new. As they’ve been acquiring properties left and right, rebooting fairy tales, sequel-izing Pixar movies and more, it’s easy to forget this is same place that birthed the beloved Mickey Mouse. Now a worldwide icon, it’s not surprising that Disney would go back to the well, we’re just surprised it took this long. But, it looks like they’ve got a blitzkrieg of Mickey on the way.

Today, Disney announced they would be delivering 19 new 2D shorts that will be available on pretty much every platform they have. The concept is simple: each short will be set in an exotic location — Santa Monica, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Venice and the Alps are among them — with a wacky situation Mickey must overcome. And in the first to arrive, “Croissant De Triomphe,” we see Mickey in Paris on a quest to get some of the titular pastry for Minnie, who has run out of them at her café.

What ensues is a pretty tedious chase sequence that is rarely clever and it’s undercut by Disney being unable to help themselves by smashing in a quick shot of the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella for the hell of it. Cross-pollinate! Guess you have to imprint those things on a young child’s mind early, whenever you can. It’s pretty laborious but we’re sure devotees will a get a kick out of the aesthetics at the very least, which are pretty retro-future to some degree of success.

Anyway, you can start watching the rest on July 28th. Watch below. [Slashfilm/Deadline]

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The Cinderella movie is based on the French fairytale, thus the appearance in the short. Lay off the cynicism.

Hans Christian Vang

So simple. Minnie's café is out of Croissants and so she calls Daisy's bakery to get an order delivered by Mickey. Beautiful storytelling. Gorgeous digital animation.

Disney's back indeed. I would LOVE to see something like this before a feature the next time I make my way to a movie theater.


You're no fun to be around with, are you Kevin?

Eric Englebretson

So are indiewire opinions slathered with a mandatory glaze of cynicism and distaste? I think almost anyone who isn't dead inside would enjoy this cute little short.

Steven Flores

Wow… that was brilliant. Good to see Mickey Mouse back.


Well, There is Disneyland Paris, which would explain the Cinderella bit.


So boring!


I enjoyed the hell out of this. I'll be looking forward to more of these!

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