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Watch: Japanese Trailer For ‘The Lone Ranger’ Saddles Up With New Footage

Watch: Japanese Trailer For 'The Lone Ranger' Saddles Up With New Footage

While superheros will once again dominate the summer season, Disney is hoping that audiences will want to try something a little bit different. Granted, it’s a still a movie with Johnny Depp wearing lots of feathers and headgear, but it’s in a genre that has traditionally had a mixed track record: the western. However, hoping to tap nostalgia nuts and those looking for a lotta bang for their buck, “The Lone Ranger” is riding over the horizon.

A new Japanese trailer has arrived, mixing up snatches of new footage with the material that we’ve already seen. If anything, it confirms that Gore Verbinski is spending every bit of his $200 million plus budget, and while Sofia Vergara might have guns in her boobs, Helena Bonham Carter has firepower hiding up her leg. Yet to be seen is if Armie Hammer can hold his ground against Eccentric Depp, but he wears the mask well.

“The Lone Ranger” opens on July 3rd. Watch below. [Cinema Teaser]

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Every bit of $200m?? I don't know. To me this thing looks like it was all shot in one place, with one big crashing train stunt, and not much else. It all feels a bit bland. A bit monochrome and repetitive. And if a 1:30 trailer feels repetitive, that to me suggests a bit of a problem. At least the Pirates movies had all sorts of exotic locales, and felt globe-trotting and adventurous, with the high seas and period London, and swashbuckling and all that. This just looks a bit… I don't know, restricted by its very premise. Maybe they should've opened it up a bit. Hell maybe they do. Doesn't seem like it though, from all the promotion so far. Armie Hammer looks like he'll do a good job though.

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