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Watch: Jim Carrey Targets The Pro-Gun Crowd With Funny Or Die Video ‘Cold Dead Hand’

Watch: Jim Carrey Targets The Pro-Gun Crowd With Funny Or Die Video 'Cold Dead Hand'

Jim Carrey‘s in a funny old place in his career. Once the biggest comedy star on the planet, the first person to command $20 million for a single movie, and also able to move into respectable indie fare like “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind,” it’s been a while since Carrey had a real hit. He’s smartly choosing to take some smaller supporting roles as a result, but the first result of that experiment, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” didn’t fare very well, and the second, “Kick Ass 2,” isn’t looking much better.

So Carrey’s next response? A single and music video attacking the pro-gun lobby. Funny or Die have unveiled “Cold Dead Hand,” a clip/song that sees Carrey play multiple roles, including Charlton Heston and Lonesome Earl, the leader of a country band. And it’s all a bit… odd. The satire’s actually harsh and biting, but it’s paired with traditional Carrey mugging, and we didn’t really laugh until Carrey cropped up two-thirds of the way through doing a Sam Elliott impression.

We’re glad Carrey’s making a stand like this at a time when the debate over gun control is raging, and it’s always fun to rile up the NRA lot (well, so long as you’re standing a safe distance away), but it’s probably not going to do his career many favors. Anyway, you can watch the clip below, and decide for yourself.

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Well that's 5 minutes I'll never get back.

Adam Scott Thompson

I try to do Sam Elliott all the time. ROTFL

Matt N.

Yes, Jim Carrey is so brave for attacking conservative Americans. How will he ever find work again in Hollywood? The song is cute and catchy, but incredibly simplistic. Also, didn't Charlton Heston say that a decade ago? Why not use something more timely like any of the Republican sound bytes on FOX?

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