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Watch John Boyega In BBC Drama On 2008 ‘Honeytrap Murder’ Case, ‘My Murder’

Watch John Boyega In BBC Drama On 2008 'Honeytrap Murder' Case, 'My Murder'

Since his debut in Attack The Block 2 years ago, here in the USA, we’ve been anxious to see John Boyega (aka Baby Denzel) in another film, or even a TV project. Just something else. 

We came closest last year, when HBO ordered a pilot of Spike Lee’s Da Brick, which Boyega was tapped to star in. But, apparently, HBO must not have cared for whatever Spike showed them (or maybe there was some other reason), because they passed on the pilot, and Da Brick never went to series. 

I’d still love to check it out, so here’s hoping that HBO eventually releases the pilot so that audiences can see what could have been.

The other project Boyega signed up for after Attack The Block, was a TV movie, backed by the BBC, based on a rather sad real-life story, titled My Murder.

Boyega starred the BBC3 docu-drama production based on the 2008 murder of teenager Shakilus Townsend.

Also known as the “Honeytrap murder,” the film tells the true story of how then 16-year-old Shakilus Townsend was lured to his death by a girl he really liked (Samantha Joseph, also 16), and whom he apparently thought felt the same way about him, but clearly didn’t.

The disturbing act by Samantha Joseph was all in an attempt to get back with her older ex boyfriend, Danny McLean. The story goes that she was dating both Townsend and McLean simultaneously, McLean eventually found out and dumped her. She wanted him back, and essentially made a pact with McLean that she’d bring Townsend to him for what was to be a thrashing.

Joseph lead Townsend to McLean, his brothers and friends (members of a South London gang), where he was beaten with a baseball bat, and stabbed in the chest five times; he later died from huge amounts of blood loss.

The group responsible for his death, including the young lady who willingly led him to it, were all convicted of murder in 2009.

In the BBC3 project, John Boyega played Shakilus Townsend, Simona Zivkovska as Samantha Joseph, and Malachi Kirby as the older Danny McLean.

Levi David Addai wrote the script, which primarily follows those 3 three key characters.

My Murder aired on BBC3 in March of last year, but, as far as I know, never made it to US shores. So I’m assuming most of you Stateside haven’t seen the film. Emmanuel shared it here last May, after it was uploaded to YouTube, but the BBC quickly pulled it. So if you didn’t see it then, well, you missed it.

Thankfully, it’s been uploaded to YouTube again, as I discovered this afternoon. Not by the BBC however, so there’s a chance that soon after this post, it will all be removed from YouTube again.

Or maybe not…

So if you’d like to see what was essentially John Boyega’s first released starring project after Attack The Block, this is it. Up next, he co-stars in Half Of A Yellow Sun.

Watch My Murder in full below, broken up into 6 parts:

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I loved this when it came on TV. Actually welling up towards the end. It was all done so humanely.
Slowly but surely we've gotten to a point where there's a handful of shows with accurate representations of young black brits: "some girls" on bbc3 with its nigerian female protag. "utopia" on channel 4 with Nathan stewartt Jarrett.
"youngers" on channel 4 with its diverse range of black characters is actually moving me as its not inanely post-racial and it feels spot-on in the way GIRLS is for middle class erudite city dwellers.
I feel nostalgia watching Youngers in a way I don't get watching the myopic gang stuff.

Jeff Kirkman III

Thank you for posting this. It's interesting how this type of story replays itself over and over again. As I watched, it brought about old memories of myself and friends being caught up in similar situations.

Well scripted, Acted, and Directed. Hat's off to all those involved to make this world come to life. I'm interested in seeing more of John's work, and will be on the lookout for him the future, this guy has a real gift and as more work comes his way, the world will learn this too.

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