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Watch Jurnee Smollett & Robbie Jones Tango In New Clip From ‘Temptation’

Watch Jurnee Smollett & Robbie Jones Tango In New Clip From 'Temptation'

Here’s a new short clip from Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry’s Temptation.

That double “Tyler Perry” was intentional. His name is part of the title of the film, as is the case with his previous films. I wonder if he’ll ever drop the “Tyler Perry’s” that begins almost all of his titles. It might actually work in his favor. I’d like to watch a Tyler Perry film without knowing beforehand that it’s a Tyler Perry film, because my reactions might actually be a bit different. I think there’s a certain amount of *baggage* that’s automatically assumed, when some of us (not all of us, obviously) see his name in front of the title of any film, and we might be taking that *baggage* with us into the theater.

Just a thought…

The dramedy stars Jurnee SmollettLance GrossKim KardashianVanessa WilliamsRobbie JonesBrandy Norwood, and Ella Joyce.

The synopsis again reads:

The film tells the story of Judith, an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who makes her living dispensing marital advice, but is so bored with her own marriage that she breaks her professional code and cheats with a smooth talking client only to realize she has made a huge mistake.

Smollett stars as said marriage counselor “Judith,” while Gross plays her husband; Jones plays the “smooth talking client” who has an affair with Smollett; Williams plays the owner of the firm where Smollett practices; Brandy plays Gross’ co-worker; and Kardashian plays Smollett’s friend and co-worker.

In Perry’s own words, the film is “one of the most provocative movies” he’s made, “sexually and otherwise.

It opens in theaters March 29th, 2013.

Check out one of those “provocative… sexual” clips that help make the film what it is:

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How in the hell do you people find the time to write such lengthy comments? Damn.


Comment Police, maybe I am sleepy, but what are you talking about?


CAREYCAREY – come back! Don't leave just when I take a break from working like a hebrew slave and read your fabulous commentary with peeps who did not speak a fabulously. First and foremost, I don't know how you could have spoken to these folks who did not stop their madness and bow to the genius that is vintage Prince! And you just went straight into Luther? I was howling with laughter and now I got to get my Ipod.

Then you put your white hat on held it down with Guyver, whose goal is to defend "The Black Man" against cross dressers and the Sociologist, Mawon, whose goal seems to be…..trying to explain why there are people for and against TP movies and how the media helps? I was confused considering SHE finds the movies entertaining and watches BBW faithfully…….but thinks they endorse racism and sexism. Anywho, both were so into their narrow view and premise that they failed to see what you were advocating and defending. Such is with those who profess not to be a fan of TP.

So I have to add to the diatribe and offer .75 concerning Tyler Perry's quote "I've never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld and say "this is a stereotype," I've never seen Italian people attack The Sopranos. It's always black people and I'm sick of it from us." ~Tyler Perry

So I did a quick google search – very unscientific but hey, it is just you guys whose minds I won't change. Tyler Perry criticisms, David Chase criticisms, Jerry Seinfeld criticisms. Do it and see for yourself what comes up. I mean, the first page alone, or the first and second pages. Be Open and Understand what you are seeing. Then if you dare, google Seinfeld show criticisms and The Sopranos criticism…..then come back here and report why there is such a difference and specifically, what the difference is. Just saying. Time to get back to work!


As usual, a nice PG conversation turned to this: "fuck Tyler Perry and all the rest of the mother fuckers who see dark-skinned bodies as violent, worthless animals" ~MaWon.

Really Mawon, where did you get that news?

And this: "Tyelr is playing an April fools joke on his simple minded audience" ~ Macguyver

Really Guyver, Mawon and everyone who admits to watching Tyler's movies are simple minded? Huuuuummm…

And this: "Go fuck yourself. You kiss Tyler's ass like he sent you a check. Give it a rest asshole."

Really? No comment.

And this whimsical bit of news: "That's a very perverse comment. That's implying some sort of improper relationship with an underage young girl. UGH! No. I have absolutely NO interest in rocking any cradle or "kicking someone out of bed". Smollett is too young, not worldly enough and not believable for any kind of of 'smoldering" sexy role." ~ Sergio

Really Sergio, really… she's 26 and very sexy.


At least he's been reading along but…. really, seriously… that last time I checked, my lady was dark as blueberry pie.

And then we landed here: " Are you (CareyCarey) trying to say that all sociological interpretations of media representations are pointless?" ~ Mawon

No Mawon, I NEVER said that, nor implied such.

Mawon continued: "Or that media has no effect on populations? Do you really believe that?"

Again, I never implied, nor said such. How did she come to that conclusion?

Mawon continued: "Then why do governments bother with propaganda films? What's the point of advertisements? Or social issue documentaries?" ~Mawon

Now I don't know what inspired Ms. Mawon to cuss or get her panties all in a bunch, but this is exactly what I said: "Bump that, I believe we're giving way too much power to MOVIES". Prior to that comment, I also posted a list of 100 different genres of films. Each of which has a different goals or purpose. Tyler Perry's films would not be considered documentaries or "advertisement", so I don't know how Mawon wandered off the point?

My desire in this thread was to inspire a line of thought that focused on putting Tyler Perry's work, and movies in general, in the proper context. I wanted people to take a look at their own lives, using the best teacher — their own experiences — to see how movies have shaped their core values.

In short, I never said the "media" — in it's numerous (hundred) forms — did not play a role in "influencing" our mind.


There's nothing wrong with Tyler Perry, he's a good person, unlike the people who find fault in every little thing he does. Gay or Straight who gives a flying &uck? It so easy to hate but it takes a humble person with a good heart to love.


CareyCarey, absolutely nothing you say changes the fact that everything I said is true. In any case, I could care less about tyler and his movies, I don't watch them. I also don't feel that a cross dresser is the spokesman for Black men everywhere… unfortunately many people do. Onward!!!

J. "Vootie" Fred Muggs

At long last, THIS movie will FINALLY stop those abhorrent "Tyler Perry is g-y" rumors. Why, just LOOK at how that camera lingers intentionally upon the sexually provocative lips of that popular actress! As a positive brother and aspiring filmmaker myself, I will be pleased to say this movie will PROVE Tyler Perry is 100 percent ALL man. ALL 200 pound, muscular, rock-jawed, sinewy-thighed, juicy-lipped, dreamy-eyed MAN.

Dr. Boogie

Jurnee is bringing THA HEAT!!!! She better work her Kerry Washington lip quiver/Lynn Whitfield eye twitch genes–YAAAASSS!!! I just need Shonda Rhimes to bring her back to Grey's Anatomy one mo' 'gin to follow-up that thrown down performance she gave the last time.


So, is CareyCarey on Tyler Perry's payroll? I've never seen a Tyler Perry stan work this hard to … change minds or defend his idol or both.


Look folks, Tyler is the GOD of filmmaking. If you could just see the light and kiss his ass as I do, maybe you can see the light too. Plus he gives head better than any other man I've been with. So shut your ignorant mouths!


Guyver you do know your comments have no effect among stars in the universe, the stars are going to keep shining and twinkling bright.


This just in!!! Tyler Perry along with the slew of executives (white men) who made him rich, have been named in a government initiative affectionately known as the "Emasculation proclamation" by which African American men are painted as Beelzebub himself, fitting the image of heartless savages who do not care for their families, respect other brothers wives or want anything more than sex from the Black Woman (aka the Queen of Civilization) or each other… while they keep their blonde snowbunnies comfortable in mansions. Believe it… or don't. And yes, due to said programming some brothers have forgotten who they are but I for one have not. Only kids drink kool Aid, try green tea sometime :)


Lol @ Comment Police, Look… at the end of the day, no one cares if tyler is king of the chitlin circuit. What bothers me is the fact that he refuses to do anything else but expects everyone to continue to support the exact same movie they have seen 20 times already. Does a musician release the same exact song 20 times and want you to buy it? Does a sculptor carve the same shape and pretend it's new an original?

He is literally playing an April fools joke on his simple minded audience and they take the cheese every time. It's like damn… okay tyler we get it, you hate Black men except light skinned ones. A you feel that Black women are easily manipulated and can't keep their virtue intact. Okay cool… now how about the OTHER facets of our people? That's all we are asking for is the same thing required of every other artist on the planet earth… variety!!!! Something different, not the same lame "whoa is me" negro spirituals you have been spouting. And for the record… a 6 foot 5 African American man in a dress, wearing lipstick and fake boobs IS NOT FUNNY!!! Shaka Zulu must be turning over in his grave.




"Whether the criticism of Tyler Perry's work is legitimate or not is certainly a matter of opinion. What's not a matter of opinion is the fact that other ethnic groups besides black people criticize how they're portrayed in entertainment. It just gets dismissed when black people do it."

Spare me! There's always going to be itchies & bitchies and kneejerks alike, who will cry, moan and criticize an artistic expression. So isn't it so convenient to focus on Tyler's one defensive opinion? That volley was only a minuscule sub-plot of the whole "problem."

I am suggesting that for some strange reason (strange to some) the central issue was conveniently omitted from the discussion. That is, after all the crying and finger pointing, aka, criticism… "juxtapose his [Tyler Perry's or any filmmaker's] messages/themes/films with the world around you. Then come back and talk about which [ The film(s) or reality] has the most lasting and significant affect/impact on any human's life?

To this day, as of this writing, not a single thread of proof/evidence has been offered to support a claim that one movie has significantly changed the lives and/or mindsets of a group of individuals. Pleeeeease, to believe there is such a villain, is akin to supporting a claim that there is a super-class, an unaffected class (like anti-Tyler Perry folks) who are not affected by visual imagery on the screen. I mean, unlike "others" (the less intelligent folks) the big thinkers can discern right from wrong, and thus, their decisions and/or conclusions about people, places and things are not in any shape or form, dependent on what they see on the screen, right? Surely their lives are fine and dandy because they don't depend on movies to shape their decision making process, right? It's only the bigots, racists, church folks and average good ol' unknowing Americans (whites and blacks) who use movies as their central source of reference, right? Not the good folks at S&A, right?

Bump that, I believe we're giving way too much power to movies. Granted, they may get people talking, bitching, complaining and yes… "criticizing" the images on the screen. HOWEVER, for the most part, it's just talk. Bring me the heads of those who've made life changing moves/decisions/actions, based solely upon what they saw on the screen. And, bring me the film(s) that were responsible for said changes. No assumptions and conjectures allowed… facts only.

And, don't speak for others.

Miles Ellison

"I've never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld and say "this is a stereotype," I've never seen Italian people attack The Sopranos. It's always black people and I'm sick of it from us." ~Tyler Perry

Actually, it's not only black people. Many Italian-Americans have attacked The Sopranos for being stereotypical. While that show was on, there was a pitched battle in the media between the creators of that show and Italian-American groups who criticized the image it portrayed. There was similar criticism of The Godfather and Goodfellas. When NBC aired a miniseries called The Gangster Chronicles years ago, there was so much criticism from Italian-American groups that the network took the unprecedented step of airing a statement praising the contributions of Italians to American culture before every installment.

There was a firestorm of criticism of the Jersey Shore reality show from not only Italian-Americans, but from New Jersey residents as a whole. Mainly because no one (other than people actually from New Jersey) ever pointed out that most of the obnoxious people on the show were actually New Yorkers.

There has been criticism from Asian-American groups about the stereotyping of Asians in Two Broke Girls.

There has been criticism from the white governor of West Virginia about the portrayal of the state's residents in the MTV show Buckwild.

There was A LOT of criticism from Jewish anti-defamation groups when The Passion of the Christ was released. And Seinfeld has been criticized as stereotypical, but it's popularity muted a lot of that criticism.

There was a firestorm of criticism of the ABC show Work It when the Puerto Rican character talked about selling drugs to make ends meet. There was so much controversy that the actor issued an apology.

Whether the criticism of Tyler Perry's work is legitimate or not is certainly a matter of opinion. What's not a matter of opinion is the fact that other ethnic groups besides black people criticize how they're portrayed in entertainment. It just gets dismissed when black people do it.


OH LORD… "Tyler Perry is a Black dysfunction porn pimp. He thinks that because he's so dysfunctional that all Black people are as well" … "Tyler films are only for the church crowd" … "Because in TP's world one sure way to corrupt a Black woman is to give her more than a high school education. I loathe TP" … "working-class black audiences flock to Perry’s movies to experience two hours of what they know they won’t actually have. It’s wish-fulfillment, an opportunity for audiences to lose themselves in a world where everyone is beautiful (especially the men)" … "Perry’s films and television shows, are "coonery and buffoonery" … "Tyler Perry portrays the black man as an evil usurper of woman" …

STOP-STOP-STOP! Just freakin" STOP! Is all that right? Well let me tell you a thang or two. I get so tired of negros who watch a movie, and then cry about how it makes "us" look.

Give me a freaking break! First, they're damn movies, okay. They're one story in time. One of a thousand avenues in which one could draw a conclusion and/or opinion on any number of topics including race, sexual abuse, politics, comedy, relationships or rather or not the Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship. Depending on who you ask, it's highly probably, that after the viewing of one movie, a mega-ton of thoughts will ensue. So lets listen to what Tyler has to say about all this nonsense, bullsh*t and poppycock.

"I’ve never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld and say "this is a stereotype," I've never seen Italian people attack The Sopranos, I've never seen Jewish people complaining about Mrs. Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. I never saw it. It's always black people…and I'm sick of it from us." ~Tyler Perry

You tell 'em Tyler. If it was up to me, I might not be as apologetic nor politically correct. I mean, I might jump in my "fk you bag" and say, "Blow it out your ass! Yeah, that's what I said, find a clue and some toilet paper to wipe the brown off your academics visceral and intellectual criticism asses."

But today, taking the high road, I am simply going to ask a question. What is the definitive answer to what is the purpose of movies in general? (Fill in the blank) Movies are designed to________________.

1. Tell a story
2. Send a message
3. Inspire thought
4. Vicariously live through the on-screen characters
5. Inspire laughter
6. Deliver Propaganda
7. Afford the viewer the opportunity to escape life's more depressing moments
8. Allow the audience the opportunity to experience sights and sounds that they've never experience and are unlikely to ever experience
9. Teaching tool
10 Affirm one's beliefs
11. Entertain… if only for 2 hours
12. Inspire conversation
13. Promote jobs
14. Be used as a source of income
15. Be a vehicle for a family night out or date night.
16. Be loved and admired as a simple artistic expression
17. *other

Considering the above list, at any given time and place, would "your" choice/options remain static? I don't think so, but before you answer, should we consider all the different genres of films? I believe each have a different purpose.

Fantasy films
Gangster films
Heist films
Historical films
Hood films
Horror films
Race films
Road movies
Romance films
Satirical films
Science fiction films
Self-reflexive film
Social guidance films
Sports films
Spy films
Teen films
Thrillers films
Dance films
Disaster films
Science fiction
War films

Just to name a few of the more than 100 categories of film genres… not to mention the numerous subcategories. So I am left to wonder if the conversations would change if the critical film viewers would open their minds, take a deep breathe (because they're obviously smelling each others hot breathe living in that tight box) and think before they render a verdict on what Tyler is suppose to be doing or is not doing. And then, juxtapose his messages/themes/films with the world around you. Then come back and talk about which has the most lasting and significant affect/impact on any human's life.


Dialogue is weak as usual, but Jurnee Smollett sure is acting the hell out of it. Can't tell if it's going to be a valiant effort on her part or just comical. That "he just lit my soul on fire" face she made would have been perfect…if the guy had actually said something sexier than "I dream about you."


Lol, hahaha. My God who writes this dialogue… big bird? Once again, typical rehashed plot from about four or five of his other films, painting African Americans as nothing more than a bunch of cheating, deceitful human beings with no other aspirations.

I'll take a stab at the plot here… A Black woman has a good man, a good job and family life… but is still somehow unappreciative and unsatisfied with life. Then some rich clown with a sixpack comes along with not much to offer outside of taking advantage of some other man's simple minded wife.

He hits it once or twice and all of a sudden she feels alive again, and plays her husband out for the new clown only to realize that the new clown just wanted the draws and nothing more. By the time she realizes the error of her ways, the husband wants nothing to do with her and she realizes that he life wasn't so bad before… there is a come to Jesus moment and the husband forgives her… the end. Wow… cutting edge storytelling, so fresh and original.

It's 2013 and while the rest of the world gets movies about Superheroes, Famous figures and Fantasy Action Films, we are still being shoveled this crap. When will our filmmakers evolve and show us in another light? When will the world be shown that we are capable of saving the world and being Supermen like our counterparts. We have to tell bigger, better stories about ourselves… or no one will. I don't care who doesn't like this post… truth is truth.


"when some of us (not all of us, obviously) see his name in front of the title of any film, and we might be taking that *baggage* with us into the theater" ~ Tambay

MIGHT… be taking that baggage with you!? Shiiiiiiit, you guys (some of you, obviously) couldn't hide or run from your "critical" film watchers baggage, even if they were passing out $200 and a bucket of fried chicken to everyone who said they loved the film. Nope, the sandman would appear and usher y'all right out of the theater. Do not pass GO nor pick up yo' 200 dollars and don't put your hands on nay chicken wang.

But Sergio, come on man, tell me it ain't so? Looking at those pouting ruby red lips, smooth luscious brown skin and sensual gaze, you mean to tell me you'd kick her out of your bed? Nawl man, you ain't tellin' the whole story.

I can't help but believe an old player like you would rock that cradle. Shiiiiit, I know I'd put on my best pimp-stroll and invite her to my humble abode. I'd even order a pizza and rent an XBox 360 to make her feel right at home.

But Sergio, come on, tell us the "right" story. Play it to the end. Tell us how at first you'd be hesitant to make your move because she reminded you of your great-great-great granddaughter… but temptation got the best of you, leading you to breaking out your best old school player lines. I can hear you now…

If I was your girlfriend, would u remember 2 tell me all the things u forgot to tell your man?
Hey, if I was your man or your best friend, would u let me take care of u and do all the things that only a real man can? If I was your girlfriend, boyfriend or man, would u let me dress u, I mean, help u pick out your clothes before we go out? Not that you're helpless, but sometimes, sometimes, those are the things that being in loves about. Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be, if only for one night. Please! (I had to throw a little Luther in there)

So Sergio, is that in you? I'm sure it is, so stop frontin'. :-)


It's rated PG-13 so there's no way it's "the most provocative movie…sexually and otherwise" despite what the publicity says otherwise. And I still think that Smollett is still terribly miscast in the film. I still think of her as that child actress in Eve's Bayou. I want to say why didn't get an ADULT actress for the role? When I think of Smollett I don't think "sexy" I think "Sure I like to buy a box of your Girl Scout cookies"

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