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Watch: Supercut Of (Nearly) Every Video Game In ‘The Simpsons’

Watch: Supercut Of (Nearly) Every Video Game In 'The Simpsons'

Regardless of where your anticipation for new “The Simpsons” episodes stands, one aspect of the show most agree is still strong is in its irreverent gallery of made-up brands, store names, and products. Names like Java The Hut and Bloodbath And Beyond hold a special place in the show’s 24-year history, and College Humor have now paid proper tribute by focusing on just the range of video games on display.

Even from the early episodes, Matt Groening and his team of writers nailed the tone straight away with Bart playing games like “Super Slugfest,” “Touch of Death,” and him earning the level of Ungrateful Grandchild in “Escape from Grandma’s House.” The show slowly turned its satirical sights on film as well: Witness Martin choosing between “trenchant insight” and “bon mot” in the arcade version of “My Dinner With Andre,” and Milhouse losing 40 quarters to Kevin Costner‘s “Waterworld” game.

The supercut definitely misses a few notable entries — “Bonestorm” and “Let’s Make a Baby” spring to mind — but the effort is excellent nonetheless, and offers a look back at one of the show’s most consistent pleasures. Check it out below. [via Vulture]

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