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Watch This: Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes Vs Women: Damsel in Distress

Watch This: Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes Vs Women: Damsel in Distress

Watch Anita Sarkeesian’s great takedown of gendered tropes in video games in her new series, Tropes Vs. Women, a Kickstarter funded video series dedicated to analyzing the plot devices and patterns that female characters are most commonly associated with in video games.

Sarkeesian is a true hero.  She entertains and educates.  When she started the campaign to raise the $6,000 she needed to do the video she got death threats and was subject to a horrific campaign of misogyny.  But for a change, the good gals won out, and there was a huge backlash against these assholes and Sarkeesian wound up making $158,917 from 6,967 people.  So, hopefully, we’ll be seeing many videos from her.

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The thing is, if the role isn't one of these tropes, which have to be female, film execs will put a male in the role. In 2005 I had a screenplay do very well in all three of the major competitions I entered it in (quarter finalist in 2, including the Nicholl, finalist in one) and, though I got freelance offers on the strength of it, the feedback was resoundingly the same – great kids adventure film, but it's wasted on a girl protagonist, make it a boy and come back to us.
I was told that I should do it – to show I'm willing to take notes – but I wasn't willing to take that particular note. I was also told that girls will come to see films about boys, but boys won't go to see films about girls. Well, maybe the problem is that they don't make any films about girls that aren't about princesses finding prince charming, or sassy princesses refusing to marry – I'm a girl, and I was never interested in those stories, either.


On the heels of that video, a story came out about a little girl who complained to her game developer dad because she wanted to play the girl Pauline instead of Mario and her dad hated to see her so disappointed. He felt the modern day female led games were too violent for his 3 year old, so he hacked the game and switched the characters.

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