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Watch: U.S. Trailer & New Clip From Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’

Watch: U.S. Trailer & New Clip From Terrence Malick's 'To The Wonder'

For a filmmaker who’s famous for having a twenty-year gap between films, Terrence Malick has been surprisingly prolific as of late. His last film was 2011’s “The Tree Of Life” and here we are, just under two years later with another film from the reclusive director just around the corner, with more to come. It’s a little over a month until the divisive “To The Wonder” hits theatres in the U.S. (it’s already playing in the U.K.) and a new trailer has arrived online.

While there isn’t too much new footage in the trailer, it’s still a pleasure to see more of Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography before the film is released. In fact, the DP could be said to be as much of star in the film as Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams and Javier Bardem. Though Malick’s sixth film received a fairly cool reception on the festival circuit last year, our own reviewer at the Venice Film Festival found the director’s latest to be a “beautiful, heartfelt and raw piece of work.”

“To The Wonder” hits theatres stateside on April 12th. Check out the trailer below, and after that a new clip from the early part of the film. And though the dialogue is in French (with even a few words from Affleck), the mood it evokes can speak any language.

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CK1: Calvin Klein

Stephen B

All this talk of Sonic, everyone is missing the Taco Bueno in the background at 1:13! Malick loves him some fast food.

Taylor Jones

"Love is a beauty."

*camera glides into a Sonic Drive-In*

Taylor Jones

I suppose with a new Malick movie, we are also due the same reheated (moreso than Sonic's food) complaints about his aesthetic. Character development has never been Malick's thing and it's looking to be less a thing. Accept it, don't accept it, appreciate aspects of it, whatever. Was that twenty percent calculated in the Sundance Screenwriters Lab or what?
But yeah, that glide into Sonic is something else. My first thoughts upon seeing that snippet were basically: "yeah, this was filmed in Oklahoma" or "yeah, Malick is from Oklahoma".

regine lee

Terrence Malick films make for the most beautiful breathtaking trailers. That's about it. Bar a film or two, the man should work for an advertising agency not in film. His techniques are double edged swords and I wish he would just spend a good 20% more on proper character development. Ah, now that would make for a true masterpiece.


They even made Sonic look beautiful.

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