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Weekend B.O. March 15-17 (Halle Has A Hit)

Weekend B.O. March 15-17 (Halle Has A Hit)

No surprise that Oz The Great and Powerful was No.1 again
this weekend. But what was more surprising was the much stronger than expected b.o. opening for the
Halle Berry thriller, The Call, which came in second.

Beating the lackluster The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which became
another thorn in the side of Warner Bros’ poor box office performance so far this
year, The Call opened to an excellent  $17.1 million, making it, since 2003’s Gothika, which opened at $19 million and went on
the make $60 million domestically, the best opening b.o. for any film with
Berry in the lead role.

Even more impressive, for the modestly budgeted film ($12
)  directed by indie film and TV
director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Fringe, Treme, Boardwalk Empire) is the fact that it’s playing in some 650 theaters less than Wonderstone.

No doubt the aggressive PR hype with Berry front and
center doing TV appearances (and of course even S & A, with yours truly) and
the fact that the basic female empowering premise of two women who band together to
stop a serial killer targeting women, helped greatly.

Meanwhile Harmony
controversial and violent Spring Breakers, with Oz’s James Franco
 along with Serena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens
breaking free from their family friendly Disney image, opened in limited
release in just three theaters in N.Y. and L.A. to an astounding  $90,000 average per screen, making it the biggest opening for any film in limited release so far this year.

1) Oz The Great and Powerful BV $42,222,000 Total: $145,026,000
2) The Call TriS $17,100,000
3) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone WB $10,305,000
4) Jack the Giant Slayer WB (NL) $6,220,000 Total: $53,913,000
5) Identity Thief Uni. $4,519,000 Total: $123,706,000
6)  Snitch LG/S $3,500,000 Total: $37,257,000
7) 21 and Over Rela. $2,619,000 Total: $21,868,000
8) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $2,587,000 Total: $124,613,000
9) Safe Haven Rela. $2,495,000 Total: $66,953,000
10) Escape From Planet Earth Wein. $2,327,000 Total: $52,166,000
11) Dead Man Down
FD $2,040,000 Total: $9,287,000
12) The Last Exorcism Part II CBS $1,325,000 Total: $14,430,000

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Congrats to Halle! I see that "Silver Linings Playbook" is still going strong, even though it's just in a few theaters.


How is this film targeted to us? Nothing in those ads said blacks only. I only know of 3 blacks in this film and one-David Otunga was nowhere in the trailer, He works for the dang company and is married/engaged to an Oscar Winner. Where was he in the trailers?

This was a film for anyone that wanted to see it. You saw more ads for it in the black community because the lead is a black person. Halle got it more attention because it's coming out around the time hype for the new X-Men movie is starting. She was going to get this film hype no matter what.

The only black thing Halle has done is planet into the WWE's mind that putting us in the lead role can work out.


Are you people stupid or what? How many films released per year have a black woman in the lead? Do you morons not think this film would not appeal to black women? Geesh. I get it the film snobs on this board don't seem to understand but people often want to see themselves represented in FILMS. Halle Berry is the top African American actress in Hollywood she really promoted the hell out of this movie getting the word out to black audiences. The LA Times wrote an article about the marketing campaign of the WWE to appeal to black audiences. Honestly, even Nikki Finke from one of the top entertainment websites in Hollywood POINTED OUT this film was marketed heavily towards blacks. Learn to read people. Geesh.


So happy for Berry. X man will be another huge check for my girl.


It is sad that Shadow and Act don't acknowledge the fact that Marissa has a cogent argument. What does it say about Halle Berry that she only decided to make a movie appealing to blacks because her career is in the toilet? When Halle made crappy films with white male love interests such as Dark Tide, Things We We Lost In A Fire, and Perfect Stranger those films bombed.

However, since Halle Berry's career is basically almost fallen off she desperately went back to the African American audience people she rejected. The real reason this film did well is due to Morris Chestnut who is a popular black male actor. Also, the WWE studio realized by aggressively marketing the film to black audiences through television and radio appearances it worked.


Am I supposed to be happy for her? The reason she's trying to cater to us once again is because her days of being the go-to white friendly it girl are over and she knows it. Having to crawl back to black must have been a blow to her massive ego lol. Anywho, had this occurred during her peak years 2001-2007 I would be more impressed. In 2013 however, it feels more like a last resort to revive her falling star. Personally, as a black filmgoer, I don't enjoy being treated as a last resort. So by all means celebrate her success and continue to spend your hard earned cash on someone who will only cater to you out of necessity.


I think more than targeting women, the reason the movie did well was the aggressive advertising to black audiences. Which hasnt been done with a Halle movie since probably b4 she won her oscar, Morris Chestnut and David Otunga were all over urban radio throughout the country. Halle was on stevie harvey's radio and talk show. I think they learned that despite her "mainstream" success black folks are still her biggest audience.


Yay for Halle!! Glad she proved she can still open a movie. I just hope this doesnt mean all thrillers all the time for her; not my favorite genre. Saw in a Call press interview that she's working on some things with HBO so hopefully something great comes out of that.

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