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Weekend B.O. March 22-24 (And The Mystery That Is Tina Fey)

Weekend B.O. March 22-24 (And The Mystery That Is Tina Fey)

No surprise, The
took the number one slot this week, which is good news for DreamWorks, which hasn’t had much box office success with their animated films lately, such as
their disappointing Rise of the

Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen
did much better than expected, with $30 million. How this
will affect the other “Die Hard in the White House” movie, White
House Down
, with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum, which comes out in three
months, we will have to wait and see.

However the new comedy release, Admission, with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey, tanked. And, can I say that Fey is, to me, one of the most over-rated entertainers ever. ”She’s
incredible! She’s smart! She’s a woman! And she wears glasses!”
Like what’s the big deal with her? I can’t be the only one who feels the same

O.K. her Sarah Palin
impersonation is funny, but what else am I missing here? I guess the b.o. result for
her film shows that not everyone is so in love with her.

Halle Berry’s The Call took a dip, but held on to fourth place, and, at this stage, looks like it’s headed for a solid $45-50 million box office total, which is a solid return on the film’s very modest $13 million production budget.

1) The Croods Fox $44,700,000
2) Olympus Has Fallen FD $30,500,000
3) Oz The Great and Powerful BV $22,031,000 Total: $177,559,000 
4) The Call TriS $8,700,000 Total: $30,904,000
5) Admission Focus $6,446,000
6) Spring Breakers A24 $5,000,000 Total: $5,407,000 
7) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone WB $4,275,000   Total: $17,365,000
8) Jack the Giant Slayer WB (NL) $2,965,000 Total: $59,052,000
9) Identity Thief Uni. $2,545,000 Total: $127,727,000
10) Snitch LG/S $1,930,000 Total: $40,343,000
11) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $1,620,000 Total: $127,199,000
12) Safe Haven Rela. $1,152,000 Total: $68,932,000

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Tina Fey has zero talent. Anybody who thinks she is funny has no sense of humor.


Tina is definitely overhyped, mostly due to Sarah Palin impressions that gave her entree' into elite liberal circles, and fact that she was the first woman to make it to the top within the SNL writers' boys club (which is interesting, because the show began to spiral steadily downward after Chris Rock and Adam Sandler left). Tina was initially on my –it list for using the word "wigger" on the show years ago. She is intelligent, and has talent, but she's also permitted thinly veiled racist jokes on 30 Rock. I remember an episode where there was a dis to the NBC minority writers' program.


I wasn't interested in "Olympus Has Fallen" just due to the rather boring concept. I decided to check out "The Call", which also looked boring (I'm too jaded) but was surprisingly entertaining for the most part. "Admission" was a definite skip, simply because of the really lame trailer. It should have just showed a picture of Tina and Paul with the date across the screen for 30 secs and I would have bought a ticket instantly. That brings me to my last thought: You think Tina is overrated!? Someone get this guy a 30 Rock box set or something… Hulu Plus maybe.


Tina Fey IS hilarious and brilliant, but I knew this movie would yank because of the trailers; they paint the movie as a sleepy Diane Keaton/Meryl Streep type romantic dramedy about an older woman who's given up on love. Not something anyone wants to see Tina or Paul Rudd doing; it's a waste of their talents. When the words "you go girl" (or whatever tired 90s catchphrase it was) actually make the TRAILER (suppesedly the best parts) of your film, you got problems. Love 'em both, but this just wasn't it.


I am still pissed off about Iowa State getting beat by Ohio State, so Tina Fey is the least of my concerns. But look, she's incredible! She's smart! She's a woman, She was brilliant on SNL, she starred in 30 Rock and two days ago I saw her on Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton. Yes, she's witty and funny and intelligent and everything a man would desire. BUT… playing the record to the end, as Janet said, "What have you done for me lately?". Nuff said.

Antoine Fuqua's Olympus Has Fallen did $30 million. HMMMM… now er'body will snatch-up every black director and join hands a sing "We shall overcome" right? WRONG.

The budget was 80 million. Second, it's competition was weaker than Jodi Arias's defense. She shot her boyfriend in the head after stabbing him 27 times… but she says she doesn't remember what happened… after changing her story from "two bad guys came in and killed him".

And I hear what people are saying about Wayans, Berry and Fuqua (although Fuqua's praise is premature) I also hear what the old gray fox, Sergio, is saying–> "movies in which he doesn't appear in, like Temptation, don't do nearly as well at the B.O. as his films in which he does. And even the films he does appear in are not doing as well as they used to anymore" HMMMMM….

Now I've done my own form of Charlie Chan detective work. Chris (below) said, "Trust his fans will show. Also Tyler films based off his plays always do well". Well, in my best detective Charlie Chan accent, I asked my sidekick Birmingham Brown (actually my lady) if what Chris said is true? I mean, she's a huge Tyler fan and has all his movies and plays. But, she said, not so fast. This may have been a play, but she does not believe it's been mass marketed in a play format, unlike some of Tyler's other films. Then I asked her if she plans on seeing "Temptation"? Now get this, although she's a huge fan, she said she did not like Good Deeds and she can't find a reason to spend her money on a film centered on a cheating wife. So, I'm going to sit beside the ol'wise-one and listen to him sing "tune in next week and see what happens"


I saw The Call, Olympus, and Oz this weekend. Oz being my favorite.

Adam Scott Thompson

Fey is, in my opinion, a funny, talented, attractive woman who knows her way around comedy writing. That said, she's never opened a movie huge. Of course, comedy is perhaps the hardest genre — it's either hit or miss (and mostly miss). Romantic comedies, in particular — or films with romantic-comedy elements — have been on the decline post-Katherine Heigl. I'm not excusing the failure — she needs to pick and/or develop better projects — but let's not toss out the baby with the bath water.


What's with the Tina Fey hate? She was brilliant on SNL in the late 90s and early 2000s as the first female head writer and as a Weekend Update anchor, created and starred in one of the most brilliant television shows of the last decade in 30 Rock, and wrote the immensely successful and well-received Mean Girls. Sure, films like "Baby Mama," "Date Night," and maybe even "Admission" prove that not everything she touches turns to gold, but she's extremely talented and intelligent.


The Call is now being viewed as the WWE's most successful film to date.


Sergio, I completely agree with your assessment of the supremely
overrated Tina Fey. She's not funny or sexy. Another
example of media hype. She and Paul Rudd are bland and
uninteresting and the box office failure of Admission proves
that point.


Sergio, Tina Fey gets a lot of media attention because she's is very talented. Fey wrote mean girls the script that made Lindsay Lohan a star. Fey also was one of the writers on SNL and she's a comedian. Fey has had successful movies before such as Baby Mama. I think the marketing of Admission the trailers were boring. The budget for Admission was low only $13 million so it wasn't a huge disappointment.


This will be a really good year for Black filmmakers and actors. Wayans, Berry and Fuqua have already had a hit at the Boxoffice. Tyler Perry has 3 hits this years. Malcolm D Lee could have 2 hits with Scary Movie and The Best Man 2. Kasi Lemmons could have an Oscar hit with her film latter this year. The only person I am not sure about is Spike Lee. His films seems to tanked with critics and Boxoffice these days. Also 42 should be a hit this April.


Love the Boxoffice for these black filmmaker. Next week Tyler Perry should have yet another hit with his film. Great year so for for Blacks in Hollywood.

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