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Weekend B.O. March 8-10 (The Great And Powerful Indeed)

Weekend B.O. March 8-10 (The Great And Powerful Indeed)

True, the film hasn’t gotten great reviews (The N.Y. Times review was especially brutal) and one could argue it’s nothing but CGI overkill, but that didn’t stop people from going to see Oz The Great and Powerful this weekend.

The film made a very impressive $80 million this weekend, far surpassing what had been orginally predicted. 

On the opposite end Jack the Giant Slayer, a film no one really cares about, took a huge 63% dive from its 1st week.

And how do I know that no one cares about the film? Because, last week, in my Sunday box office report, I accidentally called the film Jack the Giant KILLER and no one noticed.

Also the lousy opening take for Dead Man Down starring Collin Farrell and Terrence Howard brings up a couple of questions. 

Is Farrell a movie star? Has Farrell ever been a movie star? And considering Howard’s recent claim that soon he’ll be making $20 million a picture, the opening take of Down makes that even less certain wouldn’t you say?

1) Oz The Great and Powerful BV $80,278,000
2) Jack the Giant Slayer WB (NL) $10,020,000 Total: $43,811,000
3) Identity Thief Uni. $6,319,000 Total:$116,530,000
4) Dead Man Down FD $5,350,000
5) Snitch LG/S $5,100,000 Total:$31,855,000
6) 21 and Over Rela. $5,056,000 Total:$16,840,000
7) Safe Haven Rela. $3,800,000 Total:$62,884,000
8) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $3,745,000 Total:$120,749,000
9) Escape From Planet Earth Wein. $3,207,000 Total:$47,832,000
10) The Last Exorcism Part II CBS $3,120,000 Total:$12,083,000
11) A Good Day to Die Hard Fox $2,100,000 Total: $63,346,000 
12) Life of Pi Fox $1,625,000 Total; $119,413,000

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Colin Farrel is a tabloid star he is a good actor but he certainly isn't a movie star. Since Farrell is attractive he gets a lot of press and publicity from the UK and world media tabloid market. In terms of box office success Farrell's career is luke warm nothing special he is not a star. Farrell reminds me of Jude Law he was another European "it boy" who got a lot of press in the mid 2000s. Chris Rock even made fun of Jude Law at the Oscars he's in a lot movies but his movies are never successful based on his name alone. Law is now doing well but in supporting roles such as the Sherlock Holmes films. I think Farrell is better off sticking to indie films or doing supporting work in major films he just can't seem to carry a film on his own.

Adam Scott Thompson

Add Farrell to the list of "I coulda been a" contenders who've come and gone over the years (and don't let "Olympus Has Fallen" fool you — Gerard Butler is finished).

Howard's $20 million comment was… *sigh*

With all that said, my mother convinced me to accompany her to see "Oz" in 3-D — and I have to admit that I liked it. James Franco's acting has its peaks and valleys, but the overall story satisfies and effectively ties into the original (or sequel? — whatever). Still… it could've been 10-15 minutes shorter.


Yes, Colin Farrell was once a movie star. He's played opposite a few A-listers like Al Pacino, Jamie Fox, and Tom Cruise in some pretty descent films. But he had a "stumbble" with drugs and alcohol a few years back. So I think these films, including Fright Night, et al, are his comeback attempt. And I think he's doing OK. I actually like Farrell as an actor. I hated Alexander but I loved Pride and Glory. You'd have to admit that he was once good enough to work with Oliver Stone and Steven Spielberg.


Colin Farrell is a strange case. He's a good actor, and a believable action star, along the lines of Bruce Willis, but he's wracked some bad films under his belt, (Fright Night, Total Recall ). I don't even know what Dead Man Down is about, the first T.V. spot I saw for it was like a week ago.
At this point I doubt he'll ever be A list. It seems like he never really recovered from Alexander.


Is Colin Farrell a movie star? he's a decent one had some good roles ( in bribes, pride and glory) well guess the WWE thought he was a big star dead man down was wwefilms movie 5.3 mil at the weekend box office yikes!!!!


"Is Farrell a movie star? Has Farrell ever been a movie star?"

I was just asking myself that exact question. Last night I was watching Seven Psychopaths starring Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson and few more popular white fellows. Well, Collin Farrel was one of those guys. At the time I didn't know who he was — because honestly — they all, for the most part, look alike to me. So I sat there thinking where did I see that guy? Then, I had a brain storm, he must be the from the movie Safe House with Denzel Washington? I googled it. Nope, that was Ryan Reynolds.

So he had to be the guy from Hangover, right? Nope, that's Bradley Cooper (I googled it too). But I finally figured it out, he's the guy from the movie "Drive". Damn, again I had the wrong white guy… that's another look-alike Ryan Gosling.

I could have simply googled his name, but this old fool couldn't go down like that. So, after another hour of busting my brain, I knew I had the answer. He was one of The Avengers… right? WRONG! He was not the Human Torch nor Hawkeye. That was two more of the usual suspects, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. Curses… I was stomped, I googled his ass.

Now I don't know if Colin Ferrell is a movie star, but he did contribute to Steven Speilberg making 400 million on Minority Report. But, on the other hand, Total Recall was a financial bust. So, although I couldn't distinguish him from the drunk who searches my garbage looking for aluminum cans, I suppose some would call him a star.

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