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What Cameras Did the 2013 SXSW Filmmakers Use?

What Cameras Did the 2013 SXSW Filmmakers Use?

We asked several SXSW filmmakers from the Competitions, Headliners, Spotlight, Visions and Midnighters sections (read their interviews here) to tell us a little bit about themselves, and we also asked them some questions about their process, like what camera they used.

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Riding with indie film trends, the RED EPIC, with the Arri Alexa and the Canon 5D and 7D, were the fest’s most popular cameras. 

Here’s the list of the cameras some of this year’s SXSW’ers used:

Aaton XTR Prod Super16


Aaton A Minima Super16


Apple iPhone

“Twelve O’Clock Boys” (tertiary)

Arri Alexa

“The Bounceback”
“Cheap Thrills”
“Everyone’s Going to Die”
“Go for Sisters”
“Plus One”
“The Rambler”

Arri SR-3

“Before You Know It”

Beaulieu Super-8

“Before You Know It”

Canon 5D

“Big Ass Spider!”
“Good Ol’ Freda”
“Improvement Club”
“Los Wild Ones”
“The Network”
“The Other Shore”
“Swim Little Fish Swim”
“Tiny” (secondary)

Canon 5D Mark II

“These Birds Walk”

Canon 7D

“Improvement Club”
“Los Wild Ones”
“Loves Her Gun” (with a PL mount adapter)
“Swim Little Fish Swim”
“Tiny” (primary)
“Twelve O’Clock Boys” (primary)

Canon C300

“The Short Game”

Canon XF100

“Tiny” (tertiary)

Canon (various)



“Big Ass Spider!”
“Loves Her Gun”
“The Other Shore”
“Reality Show”


“Tiny” (secondary)

Panasonic HPX-170

“Getting Back to Abnormal”
“Tiny” (secondary)
“William and the Windmill”

Panasonic HVX-200

“Reality Show”
“We Always Lie to Strangers”

Panisonic VariCam


Phantom HD

“Twelve O’Clock Boys” (secondary)


“Fall and Winter”
“The Retrieval”


“Coldwater” (with Panavision Primo lenses)
“Holy Ghost People”
“Plus One”
“Short Term 12”
“White Reindeer”
“Xmas Without China”
“Zero Charisma”




“Grow Up, Tony Phillips!”
“Holy Ghost People”

RED (unspecified)

“Big Ass Spider!”
“An Unreal Dream”
“The Wait”

Sony CineAlta F65

“Evil Dead” (Master Prime and Fujinon Alura Lenses.)

Sony EX1

“Good Ol’ Freda”

Sony EX3

“Before You Know It”
“Big Joy”
“Maidentrip” (with Letus adapter and vintage Zeiss lenses)
“The Other Shore”

Sony F3

“This Is Where We Live”

Sony Handicam


DSLRs and “good ol’ fashioned Super-8”


Archival Super-8’s

“Our Nixon”

The one we rented from the guy with the funny hat standing behind Home Depot.

“Lords of Salem”

Many Different Cameras and Formats

“I am Divine”

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There are more than a handful of films that are not on the list. Upstream Color, Mud, Hours, I Give It A Year, Some Girl(s), Burt Wonderstone, just to name a few there are probably more than two dozen more that are missing.

Mark Arellano

Interesting. For accuracy's sake, I'd advise the editor of this article to cut "These Birds Walk" and paste it under Canon 5D. If they're differentiating the Mark II from the Mark III, it should then be indicated as such.


are these all DIGITAL — is anybody using FILM any more??!!?

Aron Campisano

Hmmm… Upstream Color isn't on this list. Makes you wonder, don't it?

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