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Where to Watch the Entire ‘Veronica Mars’ Series Free Online

Where to Watch the Entire 'Veronica Mars' Series Free Online

The possibility of a “Veronica Mars” film has the internet buzzing.  As we previously reported, the show’s creator Rob Thomas made Kickstarter history by creating a page for a 2 million dollar campaign. For those of you loyal fans dying for another taste of the show you love, you can head over to the WB where you can re-live those glorious 3 seasons by watching them all online for free.

For those of you who never watched before but want to know what the shows about, here’s a short synopsis before you decide to head over to the WB:  “Veronica Mars” starred Kristen Bell as the namesake character, a high school student who moonlighted as detective thanks to the detective skills she gained from her father who was her boss and mentor. 

Judging by the current Kickstarter contributions, the show garnered quite a dedicated fan base. We invite you to binge watch the show for the first time or old time’s sake now. 

Here’s the show’s pilot in all its glory:

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ughhh I cant find any site to let me watch this show!!!! I missed it when it was on tv just at the end of season 1 then NOTHING!!!! why did they take it off line> ??? it comes on soap net now but skips episodes and don't play them in order so u get lost


The WB has now removed all episodes from their site. :( I watched Season 1 before it was removed and then I was in the middle of re-watching it (because it was SO good!) when they took that down as well. You can buy each episode (all seasons) online for about $2 apiece (~22 eps per season). However – check your local stores!! I found Season 2 for $15 at an FYE!

Cori McCreery

Of course the day after it hits the $2,000,000 goal, they take Season 3 off the website. It was up last night.


As far as I can tell, the network is only sharing the first two seasons.

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