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Will Smith Is Searching For Talented, Undiscovered TV Writers (Entry Deadline Imminent)

Will Smith Is Searching For Talented, Undiscovered TV Writers (Entry Deadline Imminent)

I had absolutely no idea this was happening. I just happened to stumble across it on my Facebook feed. I’m surprised there wasn’t an official public announcement made; unless there was, and we just didn’t get the memo, although we rarely miss stuff like this.

Anyway… better late than never, but you’ve got only 5 days left (as of today) to submit your entry.

Will Smith and his Overbrook Entertainment partner James Lassiter, have joined forces with the ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment (a group of national advertisers dedicated to finding and supporting family content) to find talented, undiscovered TV scriptwriters in the USA.

You’re asked to submit either your 30-minute comedy or one-hour drama script by 1pm PST, on March 21, 2013.

In the 30-minute comedy category, one winner will win a meeting with Overbrook Entertainment, an opportunity to get their comedic script further developed, and $5,000.

In the 1-hour drama category, one winner will also win a meeting with Overbrook Entertainment, an opportunity to get their dramatic script further developed, and $5,000.

For the full list of eligibility requirements, as well as how to submit your entry, click HERE.

Below, Will and James talk about the contest, which was apparently launched a month ago, but, again, I’m just now learning about it:

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jas jamieson

I just heard about this and cannot believe I haven't heard anything about this, I hope they extend the date many of us did not hear anything about this until now where was the information published, advertised, seen, etc. etc. etc. Is there the possibility of an extension?
I have great ideas.

Melledy Vittorio

I just came across this page and have scripts I would like to submit… Please tell me You are giving us extended time… Pretty Please :))))

J. Fred Muggs ("Vootie")

If these forum comments are indicative of the entrants, Will's going to get free ideas from the cream of the crop! Mission accomplished, Overbrook! #HighFive

Z Budapest

I didn't see anything concerning interest in animated shows. I have one under development, clips of the characters and storyline. I was going to put it up on Kickstarter. I am a book writer, but my heart is in comedy.
Please let me know about these contests, i just read this today.
I want to see a show on TV about Baba Boogie and the Berkeley Broads.


I may miss this one, but I will be prepared, if by chance comes around. Thanks for the detailed example of the format of the script, very important. I want to do a story line for the world to see and hope it brings strength to everyone it reaches.


I just heard about this omg



H. Bridgette Turner

WOW this is a great oppotunity! I would like to submit a book for screen play, a great book that tells a remarkable story. For many years I've seen the face of Will Smith playing the part of David Lomax in this story of a family moving to Florida from South Carolina in 1949 and all the struggles that they endured as they made the journey. The story is touching and it captures the heart, a true story, a real jaw-dropper. Please check out this book that has three five star ratings since published in October 2012. The title of the book is "The Season" ~ A family story by Hilda Bridget Turner, Yes that's me a 62 year old black woman from Orlando,FL … I pray to hear from you, God bless!

Gloria bell

My name is Gloria bell I will love to be in a movie I alway love to do something like I pray every day I took care of my mother and to she died all by my and I did it by my self and I have family but and I have sister and brother there didn't help me all I didn't have a life but I love my mother I miss her so much I don't no what to do god will bless me but I have health problem I take so much medication iam only 47yearold 04 12 1965 I need help I love you and your wife will smith your the best I will love to see your family one day my cell number is 954 696 6095 call me any time love you so much god bless your family

jaime liverpool

ive got one of the brightest ideas concerning the western side of life its going to be a i fear no more to express my true self.


Ya'll bitch and complain waaaaaaaaaay too much! So what if somebody else had it first? It's here now (which is the only place some of us go), so be thankful and move on!


It was released on, where you STEAL alot of your info.

Ameerah Mohammed

Will, I would love to send you the story I've written a wonderful love story, True Love Never Died." I know you can do something wonderful with it ….


Yes, it`s nice to see big named stars giving others an opportunity, but this approach seems rather scatter gun to me. Personally, I never look at the prizes in these things, It`s always best to look at what the organizers are getting out of it. An 18 month option on your work for $1000? In that time they can do whatever they want with it. No mention at all what happens after that or what you`ll be paid. They also want the winner to sign a yet unseen "agreement" before they will grant you the winner. If you refuse, you forfeit first prize…….did I read that right?

Dankwa Brooks | 'Nother Brother Entertainment

Shoulda been following 'Nother Brother on Facebook and Twitter. Been reported it. LOL


Better late than never! Good luck to everyone who submits entries, this is major.

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