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Will You Be Using The New Netflix/Facebook Integration Feature? I Probably Won’t…

Will You Be Using The New Netflix/Facebook Integration Feature? I Probably Won't...

I’m already averse to sharing much of my personal life on the web – specifically on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where a lot of sharing happens; just not by me. I’m often astonished at what a lot of folks (many whom I don’t know personally, but are my *friends* on Facebook, or *followers* on Twitter), are willing to share in these social networking environments. 

I’m all for a connected world and all that jazz, but I still think there are some things that should remain personal. Given past experiences with stalkers and such, I’m also understandably a little bit paranoid when it comes to how ubiquitous technology has become, and has continued to overwhelm our daily lives, so much that we’ve become quite dependent on these creations. With all this interconnecting, and at times in online spaces where we aren’t all entirely certain of what the rules are (because they are often changing), one has to be concerned about who’s watching, who has access, how the information is being (or can be used), where it’s all going, etc.

But all that to say, I’m in no rush to try out this new Netflix/Facebook feature, which connects your Netflix streaming account to your Facebook account, and allows your Facebook *friends* to see what you’ve been watching, and vice-versa.

On the surface, I guess it might seem perfectly harmless; lots of folks already use social networking sites/apps like FourSquare and others, that essentially broadcast your location from your mobile device, wherever you are. Another service I don’t use; I don’t think I want everyone following me to know exactly what restaurant I just *checked* into, or what movie theater I’m in. But apparently millions of others don’t mind at all. So I suppose having your *friends* and/or *followers* know exactly what you’re watching on Netflix, would just be par for the course for those same folks.

I can’t recall where exactly I read or watched the report, but there was a recent piece on how people who follow you can put together a good enough profile of you, based on the various pieces of information you’re sharing online, and use that to harm you in a number of ways – one of which was, as I recall, gain access to your credit, and other things.

Or, as I said, you never know who’s watching. You might find yourself applying for a job, and, after doing a background check on you, which might include access to your social networking pages, what they learn about your viewing habits just might affect their perception of you, depending on what the job is that you’re applying for. And I’m not even necessarily talking about *adult* films (Netflix doesn’t do porn, although you’ll find some softcore action there). But you might have watched a series of documentaries that provide insight into your political leanings, religious beliefs, sexuality and more, which could all be (anonymously) used against you.

Anyway, enough about all that. 

Now you know about the new Netlifx/Facebook feature that’s coming. 

I’m sure some will use it; and others won’t. 

Watch the video below for a full demonstration:

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I have to disagree. The focus of the Facebook integration is not to share. In fact you have to go through an extra step to allow Facebook to share anything. The focus rather is on recommendations. Netflix is simply trying to add a social component to their recommendations. Take away the Facebook brand name and its basically a variation of the "friends" feature they used to have.


I am not on Facebook and I share a Netflix account, so I will not be doing this. Between reading about Google's privacy breaches and surreptitious data gathering that they've been trying to cover up for nearly three years and all these hacking incidents, I'm more averse than ever to sharing more than what's already landed out there in the webiverse.


Yeah, I have to agree. I do have a facebook account but I am not one who shares personal info/ or care about others info.

James Madison

Agreed, Far too much sharing.


No, I won't. But then I have no Facebook account anyway. I don't see the point personally, but people seem so open about sharing everything online nowadays, this is just another way to invade people's personal info for marketing, etc. As if everywhere you visit online isn't tracking, and building a profile on you already.

Erik W

I completely agree. I dig social media but this is over kill. Why do folks need to know what you are watching on Netflix and when? If you want to share what you are watching you can do it manually. Why the need to make it automatic?

Just a way to feed nosey people.

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