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5 Questions the Media SHOULD Be Asking About the Boston Tragedy

5 Questions the Media SHOULD Be Asking About the Boston Tragedy

We have heard a lot of talking from journalists in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

They talk endlessly about whether the older brother had a strange holdover his little brother. They wail: How could this happen? They ask: Were you surprised by their violence. Andother such secondary questions.

They should be asking these five questions:

1) Where did the terrorists get the guns?

2) What can we do to curb the possibility of copy-cat atrocities?

3) What can other cities do to minimize the prospect of this sort of thing happening again another major sports events?

4) What did the law-enforcement authorities in Boston do right?

5) How can people detect such powerful personality changes in young people who ultimately commit acts of violence?

MEDIA MATRIX QUESTION: What other questions should we be asking?

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