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Any Guesses? What Is Ben Stiller Doing In The First Look At ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty?’

Any Guesses? What Is Ben Stiller Doing In The First Look At 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty?'

In case you missed the news, Ben Stiller is directing and starring in the remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye-vehicle “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty,” the somewhat liberal adaptation of the masterful James Thurber short story. The project will somehow also involve Sean Penn so it’s fairly safe to assume that this won’t be your ordinary do-over, no surprises that the first image is a little bit of a headscratcher.

The LA Times published the photo, which has Stiller holding a skateboard…on what appears to be the set of “Oblivion?” Needless to say ‘Walter Mitty’, in the original story and adaptation, did not appear to have obvious scope to move in an apocalyptic direction. The film’s synopsis says it follows a mild-mannered photo manager at LIFE magazine who is walked all over by his colleagues and friends, and finds escape through heroic daydreams, where he can live any kind of life he chooses — unfortunately, his idle thoughts end up causing him even more strife than when he’s back in reality.

The production features a solid roster of supporting talent including Kristen WiigAdam Scott, Patton Oswalt, Shirley MacLaine and Kathryn Hahn. We’re curious, but also realize this could just end up as “Night At The Museum” in a different guise. Any guesses what might going on here?

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What's Walter Mitty doing here? Looking for the skateboard park! Duh.


I read the script about a year ago, and I can't believe it got picked up. It's terrible. In a version I read, there's a scene where he walks into a riot on the street with Rage Against the Machine playing, and he gets up and sings with them. An awesome fantasy, no doubt, but I can't imagine Ben Stiller doing that (or it being done well at all).

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