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Awesome: Patton Oswalt’s ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’/Marvel Crossover Gets A Poster

Awesome: Patton Oswalt's 'Star Wars: Episode 7'/Marvel Crossover Gets A Poster

A couple days ago, the Internet was graced with a rather genius bit video via Patton Oswalt. While filming a guest spot on “Parks and Recreation,” Oswalt turned what was supposed to be a simple scene of him filibustering a town hall meeting into an 8-minute, breathless, totally dorky, pitch about what Disney should do with the “Star Wars” franchise. It starts along innocently enough, but soon Oswalt is talking about a Marvel crossover and it quickly devolves into geek-speak heaven.

Well, EW have provided a little treat, making a mock poster for Oswalt’s “Star Wars VII: The Gauntlet Of Infinity.” And it’s awesome. With the villain Thanos front and center, it’s a pretty amazing visual encapsulation of Oswalt’s beautiful ridiculousness. It’s also pretty hilarious because it’s not too far away from what Marvel movie posters tend to look like anyway. Check it out below.

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SGT. York

Moon Knight is the Booster Gold of the Marvel Universe. Booster Gold is the Dane Cook of the DC Universe. This poster is awesome.


this is such a fucking stupid poster and is ruining everyone's view of star wars


For all the people not living in the U.S. who want to see the glorious clip:



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