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Beauty, Brawn & Blades Dominate In New Pics From ‘Only God Forgives’ With Ryan Gosling & Kristin Scott Thomas

Beauty, Brawn & Blades Dominate In New Pics From 'Only God Forgives' With Ryan Gosling & Kristin Scott Thomas

If you needed any proof that Ryan Gosling is the kind of guy that women would take off their clothes in alleyways for, here are some new pics from the never-ending blitz of media from “Only God Forgives.” This week alone we’ve seen two new trailersnew images and not only a U.S. poster, but a French one too. And now, even more pics.

Good lord, we’ve described this movie enough already this week, so you should know what it’s about by now. As for the pics, they fit the stylish and sleek approach Nicolas Winding Refn took with “Drive,” though with a bit more neon sweat and apparently, lots of suits. Refn also seems to like hallways a great deal, and holy shit that is one motherfucking gigantic blade. Frankly, we’ve seen enough of the movie now to chill a bit before the Cannes premiere next month and the theatrical release on July 19th. But anyway, peep them snaps below. [The Film Stage]

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Best Actress at Cannes for KST ?


Seriously what's with everybody saying he needs to "slow it down" with the moody tough guy stuff? He's done, like, two. Some people have made whole careers out of it without everybody yammering on for them to slow it constantly. You all really just want another The Notebook or something? I could of swore they just made another one of those with Channing Tatum in it.

Daryl Hannah

All right. I've seen enough of this guy and his mercurial tough guy performances. He is a fuckin' Canadian Mouseketeer, not the second coming of Robert De Niro. Guy's best performance (and overall movie) is Crazy, Stupid, Love. Real talk, and I can't STAND Steve Carell. Drive's all aesthetics, Blue Valentine was just a bore and Place Beyond the Pines fell totally flat. Half Nelson was good, I think. I don't really remember cause it left no impression.

Adam Scott Thompson

Is he wearing the three-piece or is it wearing him?

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