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Beware This Awful Knock-Off of Cars

Beware This Awful Knock-Off of Cars

Those who read my postings over the years know that I not only discuss the best in animation, but occasionally highlight some of the worst. Case in point: Car’s Life 3: The Royal Heist.

Move over Planes! The biggest Cars-inspired rip off of the year is here (exclusively on DVD April 23rd) . I somehow missed the earlier entries in the Car’s Life series. These films are produced by NY-based Spark-Plug Entertainment and producer Michael Schelp. According to Wikipedia, Schelp’s previous films are: 

I know these are aimed at kids – and are priced to sell in those $5. bins at the local drug store… but clearly these are poor. Corrine Orr (the original voice of Trixie on Speed Racer) stars as the voice of Sparky in these… well, I guess you have to make a living. In case these promotional stills don’t turn you off – check the preview clip and package art (below):

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top cat james

That red car looks like Wheelie's mentally challenged cousin.

Floyd Bishop

At least they put the eyes in the right place. The "windshield eyes" of Cars have always bothered me.


The video is no longer available. I still laughed.

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